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If you find yourself reading this, it’s clear that you understand at least the possibilities of CBD. What you may not know is that, through testing, researchers have discovered that the same receptors that are affected by CBD in humans are also found in all other mammalian species.


When you think about CBD and what it does for humans, you’ll realize dogs often need support for the same issues, so giving them CBD makes sense. After a certain age, both of us struggle with inflammation; and none of us are immune to the anxiety of everyday life.

These Therabis packets were created with care for your canine companion. There are several impressive and intuitive product variations that can help your dog deal with many issues contributed to doggy life. They’re extremely easy to use; just sprinkle one full packet over your dog’s food at their meal time.

What Does Therabis Offer?

There are three distinct products that are packed with the power of CBD. These variations target things like itching, anxiety and joint pain within your pup. You may find that all three are necessary, or that just one fits the needs of your dog. Either way, you can be assured that all the variations are made with the highest quality hemp derived CBD oil with a focus on other naturally occurring cannabinoids from hemp.

Choose your desired type of Therabis, then select it for a Small, Medium or Large dog. We love this sizing method, because you can trust Therabis’ suggested serving size based on your dog’s weight, rather than having to delve into research and heavy experimentation to find a suitable serving size. Regardless of which type of Therabis you choose, the “Small” will all have the same amount of CBD, as will the Mediums and Larges. The amount of CBD scales up for each size dog. The difference is in the other ingredients.

Therabis has an impressive ingredient list that shows just how much research and care went into formulating these CBD packets for dogs. In each variation, you will find different terpenes and nutrients to target a specific issue.

Stop the Itch

Therabis has created this formula from a unique blend of whole plant cannabinoids, bromelain and quercetin to protect your dog’s cells from oxidative stress and soothe their itchy skin. It’s tough to watch your dog in distress when they just itch and itch. Of course, this can lead to other problems that could have your dog at the vet from things like infection. Stop this itch in its tracks with this great product from Therabis.

The easy to use single serve packets promote healthy skin in your dog. Therabis was developed and refined for more than 10 years by lifelong veterinarian Dr. Stephen Katz, who’s driven by his passion to improve animals’ quality of life. This gives Therabis the edge. Put Stop the Itch to the test and give your dog the relief he deserves

  • Stop the Itch (5-Pack or 30-Pack)
    • For small dogs
    • For medium dogs
    • For large dogs

Calm and Quiet

Though our canine companions have followed us through history, it doesn’t mean we don’t do things that scare the life out of them. Fireworks, travel, thunderstorms and even just leaving them alone can incite serious levels of anxiety. For any owner who as a dog suffering from anxiety, you know that helpless feeling you get watching them experience it. That’s where Therabis Calm and Quiet comes in handy.

Therabis Calm and Quiet helps dogs maintain a calm energy. It comes in an easy-to-serve, single-dose sachet with dog-approved taste (100% palatability). It’s specially formulated with CBD and other naturally-occurring cannabinoids from hemp, flavonoids and a comprehensive vitamin blend. Calm and Quiet is enhanced with l-theanine to increase alpha wave generation for lower anxiety.

  • Calm and Quiet (5-Pack or 30-Pack)
    • For small dogs
    • For medium dogs
    • For large dogs

Up and Moving

To see your once tenacious pup begin to feel his age is tough for any owner. Whether its hips or shoulders or both, Therabis has developed a powerful formula that features powerful hemp derived CBD oil to help with the woes of your canine’s daily life.

The core formula of whole-plant cannabinoids, hemp powder, green lipped mussel, Vitamin C, Chromium, and Vitamin E was designed to increase the mobility in your aging pet. Therabis has a product that is easy to serve your dog and promote overall health and wellness.

  • Up and Moving
    • For small dogs
    • For medium dogs
    • For large dogs

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your hands on one or all the products to help your out your companion. We brought them under our care. It is our responsibility to provide them with a rewarding life. Let Therabis help you achieve that.

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