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Made from US grown hemp, Charlotte’s Web Paws supports your canine with the same premium oil as the human versions.


The main ingredient in Charlotte’s Web for dogs is the natural hemp-derived compound, cannabidiol (CBD). This powerful ingredient has been the focus of thousands of studies since its discovery in 1970.

CW Paws helps to support overall health and wellness of dogs.

• Support for active hips and joints
• Promote a sense of calm

While large clinical studies have not yet been completed, results of in vitro studies are very promising. CBD for dogs and other hemp-derived supplements are gaining in popularity, largely due to the anecdotal proof of CBD’s benefits.

Why People are Using Charlotte’s Web for Dogs

It’s all too common for dogs to experience stress and discomfort in social situations, or when there are loud, unfamiliar noises. This pet anxiety is a major reason CBD hemp oil for dogs has become an in-demand product.

If you’re using CBD oil products yourself, it may be tempting to share a CBD tincture with your dog. But is it safe to give CBD drops for humans to dogs?

The answer varies. In most cases, given there’s no flavoring added, most dogs are fine with CBD drops made for humans. It’s just a label —the ingredients are what tells you if it’s safe for your dog. However, we still recommend using a CBD product that’s specifically formulated with dog diets in mind. This will prevent potential issues if you’re not 100% sure an ingredient will be good for your pup. In the past, before there was CW Paws or other CBD dog products on the market, we heard from a few customers that their CBD (for humans) tincture upset their pet’s stomach or was too potent for their small dogs.

CBD oil can also be beneficial for other pets. However, if you’re looking for CBD oil for cats, it’s very important to get a product with feline-friendly ingredients.

All mammals have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that benefits from CBD supplements. The ECS’ functions are related to pain sensation, memory, inflammation, anxiety, appetite, and more. Our bodies naturally support this system with endocannabinoids, which are cannabinoids produced within the body. We don’t always make enough —some call this a cannabinoid deficiency. In which case, adding phyto (plant) cannabinoids, like CBD, you can support your body in an incredibly natural and non-intoxicating way.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is non-psychotropic phytocannabinoid. In other words, it cannot make you “high.” Charlotte’s Web Paws is made with CBD-rich hemp oil, which contains negligible amounts (0-0.3%) of THC. In plants like marijuana, THC is what makes you “high.” Of the 85+ cannabinoids in the world, THC is the only one known to have this effect.

With hemp, we’re able to hone in on the benefits of CBD, without the effects of THC. At 0.3% or less THC, you could ingest hemp oil all day long and never get high. Not only because that’s such a minute amount of THC, but also, CBD is an anti-psychotic. In other words, CBD combats the effects of THC.

How to Use CW Paws

Suggested use: Give your dog one serving of CW Paws, twice daily. It can be added to your dog’s food or dispensed directly into their mouth.

Serving Sizes
• Small dogs (under 25lbs): up to 1/2 dropper
• Medium dogs (25-75lbs): 1/2 or full dropper
• Large dogs (over 75lbs): 1-2 full droppers

CW Paws Ingredients

Fractionated Coconut Oil, Hemp CO2 Extract

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