Can CBD help with Autism?

Autism is a developmental disorder brought on by a mixture of genetic mutations and environmental aspects which affects 1 in 59 children in the USA according to the most recent poll from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The characteristics of those with autism change across the spectrum and are specific to every individual afflicted. Although autism has absolutely no cure, CBD has given hope for those the struggling with this disability as it helps to manage if not suppress the effects of autism. Many parents who have children with this disability have given tremendous testimonials of CBD’s numerous advantages and manageable properties for their children and its positive impact on diminishing the number of seizures that happen. The curative properties of cannabis, primarily the CBD compound, help relieve a portion of the behavioral impacts including seizures and nervousness.

Now we’ve got a great deal of continuing research regarding children, in which the most important aim is to gain knowledge on whether this sort of therapy is 100 percent safe, functioning, with no side effects, and ultimately successful. Sadly, there is practically no research validating the thought that cannabis is still an accessible choice for the treatment of dementia.

Each and everyday there is numerous studies and research going underway that provide us with new valuable information and success stories concerning the treatment of autism with cannabis. There are various reports from parents asserting that their children with disabilities have benefited positively as a result of  including cannabis in their therapy, such as a significant decrease in behaviour that is aggressive, a substantial decline in seizures, and speech improvement. For example, studies and testimonials have proved children who could not speak well before achieved substantial effects in a brief time period as a result of their initial dose of CBD oil. These stories have instilled confidence and have provided hope for parents who quest to find a solution for their children to live high quality of life in this present day of life. Always keep in mind that before utilizing any product derived from the cannabis plant, consult your physician.


CBD and Austim

Autism Explained

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a general condition of a brain development disorder. The group of disorders are characterized by difficulties in social communication and repetitive behaviours. Aside from being correlated with intellectual disability issues including attention and coordination, sometimes, it may include hyperactivity, dyslexia, dyspraxia, anxiety, depression, and many others.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can be very complex containing a wide spectrum of symptoms. While autism vary from person to person, many symptoms can be commonly noticed or sought out.

Is there a link between Autism and Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a brain disease indicated by recurring disorders.It affects a third to a fifth of all those that have autism. Even the autism-epilepsy overlap is apparently common among those who are intellectually impaired.

Researchers suggest that changes in neurodevelopment related to autism can eventually contribute to having seizures. These gaps in brain development seem to create changes in the brain nerve cell activity. Neurons not only process and transmit information, but they  also direct signals into the entire human body. Specific interruptions of disturbances in its movement can potentially cause epileptic seizures.

Assessing and efficiently curing epilepsy is of critical importance, given the prospect of potential brain damage or even death due to a number of seizures that are uncontrolled. As the connection between epilepsy and autism is evident, the diagnoses can be extremely difficult to detect as a result of seizures that are not outwardly apparent. Thus, many individuals with disabilities have severe difficulty not only recognizing but communicating their symptoms to others.

Just how can CBD work?

From the very minute you get started with something containing cannabidiol, also known as “CBD,” whether it is inhaled or ingested another way, you are allowing this chemical compound to not only enter your body, but you are allowing it to stream into your blood and into your brain. The very minute this happens, the CBD begins to interact on the neurons with certain receptors known as cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are spread throughout the body’s nervous system in multiple areas.

The endocannabinoid system goes in the opposite direction than neurotransmitters. It slowly moves into the nerves and begins to attach itself into the cannabinoid receptors of the neuron it’s on that will send a “message.” At that point, the cannabinoids can command exactly what happens the next time the neurons become activated or slightly triggered. In effect, this can essentially motivate positive changes to the overall mind and body.

CBD shows effective results as it acts as a remedy for numerous conditions, many of which are not curable and/or not treatable. The most widely known properties are neuroprotective, antipsychotic, anti convulsant, antiemetic, anti inflammatory, and analgesic. Not to mention, it contains therapeutic and curative value in assisting with suppressing illnesses such as depression, stress and anxiety, even dependance.

Could CBD Help?

There still has not been complete solid scientific proof to show that CBD can be a powerful and effective preventable or helpful treatment for epilepsy or autism, thus, many individuals have become doubtful and even skeptical of the entire process and ethicality of CBD. Fortunately, many studies are being conducted in order to find advanced science to back the many claims of CBD.

The bridge between autism and CBD remains very new. However, cannabidiol’s various benefits have already been proven positive regarding disorders such as hyperactivity, anxiety, attention deficit and seizures, which are many common symptoms among people with ASD. Research and studies on this particular subject are currently underway, and further results are being proven optimistic.

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