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  1. How ironic! I was thinking of asking for the name of a plant-based doctor in my area, and you talk in this video about the fact that you don't provide such recommendations. Therefore, I won't ask. You must get asked for such recommendations often.

  2. Buying CBD online over the internet is very sketchy, as to the authenticity of the product, however. Purchasing it from a medicinal clinic highly increases the chances of the products authenticity…

  3. Thank you Dr. P. I’ve been wondering if the CBD cream might trigger a positive drug screen. I have some chronic muscle pain in my hands and have been wondering if I should try it. I’m a RN, so can’t risk a random drug test, while unlikely, to come up positive. Great investigative reporting!

  4. We are trying to get a beloved cancer Patient to eat, They r using Steriods but i much prefer use of CBD oils as the benefits out weigh the risks in this particular case.
    What would you lean towards ?

  5. Thank you for this. I didn't think about consistency or quality much. I often wonder the dosages are either too high or too low.

  6. Thanks for this. I know people selling it through direct sales companies similar to people selling essential oils. A lot of the claims made definitely sound too good to be true. Looking forward to your continued updates on this product.

  7. I tried CBD oil for pain. No effect whatever.

  8. Add dry eyes to your side affect list. I tried it for one month and my chronic dry eye went from tolerable to unbearable, so be careful if you suffer from dry eyes.

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