CBD Oil For Anxiety

One of the more common uses of CBD oil is for anxiety. Many people who take CBD oil say it brings a calming effect and a better sense of well-being.

Our favorite CBD product for overcoming anxiety is the 600 MG – CBD Tincture produced by Pinnacle CBD. In our experience, it is the best out of the box CBD Oil for Anxiety on the market. It was custom formulated to maximize feelings of relaxation and its recommended dosage is spot on. You can order it online by clicking here.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental illnesses in the United States. These health issues affect the lives of 40 million Americans every year. Anxiety is considered highly treatable but the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, or ADAA, reports that just under 37% of people receive or seek treatment.

The fast-paced lifestyle we live today combined with the slowly evolving stigma surrounding mental health hardly contribute to an environment that encourages treatment. On top of that, it can take months to years for a psychiatrist to find a patient’s perfect ‘cocktail.’ As with any medications, it comes down to striking a balance between the desired effects and the side effects.

cbd oil for anxiety

Anti-Anxiety Medications

Most anti-anxiety medications, or anxiolytics, fall into two different categories: SSRIs, or sedatives. SSRIs are most commonly used to treat depression, and this includes medications like Zoloft, Lexapro, or Prozac. SSRIs help a lot of people, but they carry with them the potential to cause weight gain, insomnia, and sexual side effects. These side effects can sometimes last beyond the time you’ve stopped taking medicine.

Sedatives, sometimes called tranquilizers, are exactly what they sound like. The purpose is to make the brain less excitable and to cause a sort of mild sedation. This approach, just like the other one, does help a lot of people. The problem with this type of drug, though, is that they usually cause a good bit of drowsiness, and in extreme cases can lead to dependency.

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Natural Remedies

There are many natural anxiolytics, like kava, valerian, and more. Some of these can easily be purchased at your local Wal-Mart, and are more than likely carried at a health food store near you. None of these natural alternatives work quite like CBD oil, though.

As you’ve probably read so far, CBD oil is cannabidiol; it is one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant that has medicinal properties. It is entirely legal; it is not psychoactive and it is a proven solution to anxiety with little to no side effects whatsoever. It is regarded as ‘highly favorable’ regarding pharmaceutical safety.

CBD Oil Uses

CBD is known to be useful in the treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder, General Anxiety Disorder, panic disorders, OCD and Pure O — and even PTSD. Studies conducted to support this so far include animal studies, human studies, clinical studies, and epidemiological studies. These go as far back as the early 2000s.

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The way that CBD treats anxiety is only slightly complicated.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that affects mood, social behavior, sleep, memory, appetite, and sexual function. It is believed that anxiety and depression occur when the brain isn’t properly using serotonin. 5-HT1A is a subtype of serotonin receptor, and CBD oil enhances 5-HT1A transmission. This allows for your brain to make use of the serotonin in the synaptic space, instead of it just going back into the brain. This is what makes CBD oil regulate your mood and reduce anxiety.

CBD is extremely safe, effective, and is more affordable than many available medications. It is trusted by many people battling anxiety disorders, and it is helping them win.

At first, some people who deal with anxiety are apprehensive about CBD oil because it comes from essentially the same plant as marijuana. Marijuana contains THC, which is the psychoactive compound that causes you to get ‘high’ during use, and can lead to increased anxiety or paranoia. CBD oil is nothing like marijuana, and it does not contain THC at all. CBD oil can actually treat some of the adverse effects of THC.

The Science

CBD oil works by activating the vanilloid (TRPV1), adenosine, and serotonin receptors in your body. It is the initiation of adenosine receptors that provides an anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory result. It also causes the release of dopamine and glutamate, two neurotransmitters that play major roles inside the body and are involved in feelings of well being.

Types of CBD Oil

For anxiety, there are two types of CBD oil products that are particularly effective. The first, and probably easiest for beginners, is by taking a CBD oil tincture. This can be pure CBD oil, or it can be mixed with other natural ingredients like peppermint oil, or honey. Tinctures can be administered sublingually, which is where you would put 3-5 drops under your tongue and hold them there to allow it to absorb; mixing it into food or drink is also an option. There are a few places online where you can find capsules containing CBD oil as well.

The second method you could use is called vaping. Vaping is the most popular way that people currently use CBD oil. In this case, you would use a vaporizer (think electronic cigarette) to inhale the CBD. This is the fastest and most accurate way to dose yourself, as the CBD goes directly into your bloodstream this way.

We believe that CBD oil truly can help you be free of anxiety, and feel in control of your life.

Additional Resources on CBD and Anxiety

Best CBD Oils for Anxiety

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Every Day Optimal CBD Oil Tincture, 600mg’s Pure CBD Oil

Every Day Optimal CBD Oil Tincture, 600mg’s Pure CBD Oil

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Fab CBD Chews 750mg

Fab CBD Chews 750mg

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Pinnacle CBD Oil -1200MG

Pinnacle CBD Oil -1200MG

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How Does CBD Oil Help Relieve Anxiety?

If you suffer from chronic or episodic anxiety, you know firsthand how difficult it can be to live with the symptoms, from elevated heart rate and panic attacks to social avoidance and insomnia. You should know that you’re not alone, you’re not at fault, and that natural treatment options exist. Anxiety is:

  • Common. Firstly, anxiety is the most common mental illness in the nation, affecting 40 million adults in the United States, a full 18.1% of the population.
  • Caused by Complex Factors. Experts, however, are clear; anxiety arises from a complex set of risk factors, including genetics, brain chemistry, and life events.
  • Treatable. A number of therapies (cognitive behavioral, group therapy) and lifestyle changes (meditation, yoga) are known to help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. Psycho-pharmacological medications and natural treatments have also been proven to be effective.

Every person with an anxiety disorder will need to consult with a qualified professional, evaluate their lifestyle, and undertake a personal journey to find healing and balance. For many, that includes treating their symptoms of anxiety with CBD. CBD oil has been shown in numerous studies to be effective in treating anxiety and carries none of the side effects sometimes associated with anti-anxiety medications such as: weight gain, insomnia, drowsiness, and libidinal loss. If you’re looking for an accessible, safe, and natural alternative to psycho-pharmacological medications, you may wish to explore the benefits of CBD oil for anxiety.

In choosing the best CBD oil for anxiety, consider your choice of source and delivery method. As with all natural supplements, CBD oil is unregulated by the FDA, so buying from a reputable source is crucial. Whether you’re treating anxiety with CBD oil through tinctures, capsules or vaping, you’ll want to know exactly what and how much your extract contains. You’ll also need to decide which delivery method works best for you. Vaping tends to provide the fastest relief, and is well-suited for treating panic attacks, while oral tinctures and capsules tend to have long-lasting effects that work well on generalized anxiety. It’s always best to start with low dosages, increasing over time as CBD builds up in your system until you find the dosage your body best responds to.

If you’ve decided to try this natural and effective treatment, you may be wondering which is the best CBD oil for anxiety?  There are many factors to consider in choosing the best CBD oil: sourcing, purity, and range of products, as well as the range of therapeutic dosages. In addition, many companies formulate their CBD using whole-plant extracts and added calming botanical ingredients, such as ashwagandha, St. John’s Wort, or chamomile. Our list of the 10 best CBD oils for anxiety ranks the leading products for this condition, based on careful evaluation of each of these categories. Read up on the best options on the market in CBD oil for anxiety, and enjoy the relief that comes with finding your balance naturally.


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