Sunday Scaries Review: CBD Gummies and More!

Sunday Scaries Review: CBD Gummies and More!
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Few CBD companies have been as successful in catching the attention of the millennial audience as Sunday Scaries. Their eye-catching, playful design and catchy slogans aren’t the only reason why they’ve caught the attention of CBD users. Sunday Scaries offers a diverse line of products including: CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD candy, CBD bath bombs, and even CBD energy shots. We are excited to share our thoughts on one of the most visible companies out there, and how they are seeking to tackle “chilling out” in the face of the dizzying pace of modern life.

About Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries is a CBD company based out of San Diego, California and describe themselves in their own words as “a serious CBD company for folks that don’t take themselves too seriously.” This playfulness is reflected in their unique products and branding. For example, their CBD gummy strips are marketed as “Unicorn Jerky” and their energy shots as “YOLO Shots.” However, underneath this quirky marketing is a commitment to quality CBD. According to their site, all their products are sourced directly from family-owned hemp farms in Colorado, they are 3rd Party Lab Tested, and all their products are fortified with Vitamins B12 and D3 to improve efficacy of the final product.

Sunday Scaries CBD Review: Products

At the time of writing, Sunday Scaries offers six products. The company’s flagship product is their Full-Spectrum hemp oil extract CBD Gummies. They also offer a “Vegan AF” version of these gummies that are free of gelatin. Sunday Scaries is a good fit for those looking to try CBD for the first time and in a variety of forms. For those who would rather not taste the very herbal, slightly bitter CBD oil, Sunday Scaries products offer plenty of colorful and delicious way to take CBD.

CBD Gummies

If you are new to CBD products, Sunday Scaries offers an introduction to CBD in their gummy products. The CBD gummies come in two different variations, “CBD Gummies” and sour “Vegan AF” CBD gummies. Each of these variations contain 20 gummies at a dose of 10mg of CBD each. In total, a bottle of gummies comes with 200mg of CBD. The gummies themselves taste delicious, and our reviewers especially loved the “Vegan AF” sour gummies. The suggested dosage, which is standard in the CBD market, is around 25mg for most mild therapeutic uses. This means that you would want to take 2 gummies to reach the desired effect. Most users would thus have only 10 doses per bottle of CBD gummies. While Sunday Scaries may be the most delicious way to take CBD, it may not be the most affordable option for those who are looking to incorporate CBD into their daily routine.

Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture

Sunday Scaries’ 500mg CBD Tincture is a actually a Broad-Spectrum CBD, but mislabeled as a Full-Spectrum CBD oil. The tincture is derived from Colorado hemp and fortified with Vitamins B12 and D3 for improved efficacy. While many CBD products have a strong earthy flavor, this tincture has been has hints of fruity flavoring and taste quite pleasant.

While this oil tasted great and a full dropper did leave our reviewers feeling “chilled out”, our reviewers were a bit concerned by the color and profile of what is labeled as Full-Spectrum CBD oil. Unlike CBD isolate products, Full-Spectrum CBD is made up from the hundreds of cannabinoids embedded in the cannabis plant. When all these cannabinoids are bundled together it creates something called the “entourage effect.” CBD advocates say that the interaction of the different cannabinoids through the “entourage effect” is what leads to a higher efficacy than CBD isolate products. However, based on Sunday Scaries lab tests, the only cannabinoid present in their tincture is CBD. This indicates that their Full-Spectrum CBD is not in-fact a true Full-Spectrum spectrum blend, but instead a Broad Spectrum CBD. If it was true Full-Spectrum, trace amounts of THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes would be present. For this reason we cannot recommend the CBD tincture.

Other CBD Products:


Sunday Scaries’ variety of products is typified in their “YOLO Shots.” This product comes in a 12 pack of bottles each containing 50mg of CBD. In addition to 50mgs of CBD, the “YOLO Shots” contain a 200mg dose of caffeine. The packaging claims “Energy without Jitters”, however our reviewers found that 200mg of caffeine was a strong boost of energy that pairs oddly with the calming effect of CBD. Even more problematic is the fact that Sunday Scaries does not currently list the Lab Results for this product despite it being live on their site. We advise caution in using what is essentially a “5-Hour Energy” shot infused with CBD.


Sunday Scaries’ Unicorn Jerky is not only a hilarious branding approach, but a delicious one as well. Each pack of Unicorn Jerky comes with 10 pieces of CBD candy each containing 10mg of CBD. In total, a package has 100mg of CBD present. These candies are great for low doses of CBD used to just relax a little after a long day. Sunday Scaries claims their candies are made with Full-Spectrum CBD, however they are also marketed as THC-Free. The same issue arises as with their CBD tincture, and prevents us from fully recommending Unicorn Jerky as a true Full-Spectrum CBD product.


Perhaps the most disappointing product we reviewed was the CBD Bath Bomb. Each CBD bath bomb comes infused with 50mg of CBD. At roughly $20.00 per bath bomb, the notion of 50mg of CBD being absorbed via contact with the skin cannot justify the price. That being said, the effect in the tub of the colorful bath bomb was awesome!

Sunday Scaries Review: The Bottom Line

While Sunday Scaries excels in catching the attention of the millennial market with their creative and colorful branding approaches, our review team was left with some reservations regarding the value and quality of the CBD present in their products. With low doses and questions regarding the authenticity of their Full-Spectrum CBD, Sunday Scaires fails to follow-up their awesome branding with the transparency needed to win the loyalty of increasingly critical CBD consumers. That being said, the products were effective in achieving a “chilled out” feeling in our team of reviews, and certainly do contain CBD. Whether it is truly Full-Spectrum is unclear. In summary:

  • Sunday Scaries stands out through their creative, innovative branding.
  • A variety of forms makes taking CBD fun and delicious.
  • Questions remain regarding the authenticity of their Full-Spectrum oil.
  • Downloadable lab test results are not currently available for every product.

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