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Jacob Daniels
March 11, 2020

bioMD+ CBD Review: The Hottest CBD Oil of 2020

There are a lot of great CBD oil brands in the world today, and many of those brands excel in at least one area. It’s rare, though, to come across a CBD brand that excels at everything. bioMD+ isn’t perfect – no company is – but their product is the closest thing we’ve found to the ultimate CBD oil. Throughout the bioMD+ review process, we have been profoundly impressed by the company’s commitment to excellence at every step. When you’re done reading this review, you’ll have a good idea of whether you might agree with us.

About bioMD+ CBD

Launched in 2019, bioMD+ took flight out of the founder’s desire to assist his mother following a painful fibromyalgia diagnosis. As you’re likely aware, fibromyalgia is an exceptionally painful condition that’s poorly controlled by traditional first-line pain medications. After learning that CBD could potentially help his mother, the founder of bioMD+ began to seek out domestic industrial hemp farmers with the most stringent farming standards and practices. After finding the perfect farm, the bioMD+ founder realized that he wasn’t just helping his mother – he was forming the basis of a product that could potentially help people around the world. The journey took four years, and we think the time spent is definitely reflected in the quality of the bioMD+ hemp oil tincture.

What Makes bioMD+ Hemp Extract Special?

One of the things that makes bioMD+ the best CBD oil brand is the fact that they begin with the best hemp. The founder’s exhaustive search for the nation’s best industrial hemp ended with a farm in Colorado that grows a top-quality, terpene-rich industrial hemp strain according to organic practices. The result is a plant that’s bursting with CBD and full of terpenes to provide a strong entourage effect.
As is the standard for all top-tier CBD companies, bioMD+ extracts its CBD oil using solvent-free supercritical CO2 extraction to create the purest product possible. The company uses its full-spectrum hemp extract for some of its products. For other products, bioMD+ subjects the hemp oil to further purification to create a CBD isolate.

Every bioMD+ hemp oil tincture has a blend of terpenes added to support a specific health need or condition. We’ll describe those blends as we continue our review. It’s the combination of a powerful hemp extract and the perfectly conceived entourage effect of the terpenes that makes bioMD+ such a special hemp oil brand.

bioMD+ CBD Review: Products

The core bioMD+ product is an oil-based CBD tincture that comes in four varieties and is available in two strengths. At the time of writing, the company has not yet expanded into other CBD product niches. You can buy each bioMD+ CBD tincture with 500 mg, 1,000 mg or 2,000 mg of total CBD per bottle. bioMD+ offers the following four CBD oil blends.

Full-Spectrum Natural Hemp Oil for Overall Wellness Support
Formulated with limonene, linalool, humulene and terpinolene to provide balanced support for stress, inflammation, improved mood, neuroprotection and relaxation.

Full-Spectrum Citrus Hemp Oil for Mood and Memory Support
Formulated with pinene, limonene, and linalool to provide support for alertness, memory, mental acuity, and stress management.

Natural Hemp Oil With CBD Isolate for Pain and Inflammation Support
Formulated with pinene, limonene, myrcene, caryophyllene, Linalool, and humulene to provide maximum support for inflammation and chronic pain.

Mint Hemp Oil With CBD Isolate for Anxiety and Insomnia Support
Formulated with myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene, linalool and terpinolene to provide support for worry, anxiety, stress, and poor sleep quality.

bioMD+ Customer Service Policies

It’s uncommon to find a vendor in the CBD industry that truly stands behind its product. Depending on the industrial hemp crop and the extraction method used to create the CBD oil – not to mention the variations in naturally occurring and added terpenes – there can be a tremendous amount of variation from one company’s CBD product to the next. It’s very hard, in other words, to come up with a single CBD product that works for everyone.

bioMD+ is so confident they’ve gotten things right that they’re willing to extend a 30-day money-back guarantee to all customers. If you don’t agree that bioMD+ makes a spectacularly good CBD oil product, you can return it for a refund minus shipping charges.

bioMD+ also offers lightning-fast shipping. If you get your order in before noon local time, it’ll go out the same day. If you miss the deadline, it’ll go out the next day. Either way, you can look forward to extremely fast delivery via USPS Priority Mail.


The pricing at BioMD+ is about what you’d expect for a premium CBD product. Regardless of the specific CBD oil blend you choose, you’ll pay $60 for the 500 mg version or $100 for the 1,000 mg version. This company’s products are priced firmly in the range of other top-tier CBD products, and it’s hard to deny the value part of the equation when each product comes with a money-back guarantee.

BioMD+ CBD Review: The Bottom Line

At this point, we believe we’ve gotten across the fact that we find bioMD+ CBD hemp oil to be a thoroughly excellent product. In case that’s not clear, allow us to summarize the benefits of this CBD brand at a glance.
• All products made from Colorado-grown organic hemp
• Both full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate available
• Both flavored and unflavored CBD oils available
• Products enhanced with natural terpenes to provide an entourage effect and support various health needs and conditions
• One of the only CBD products on the market with a 30-day money-back guarantee; ship it back if you’re unsatisfied

If we have any criticism about bioMD+, it’s only that we’d love to see the company enter different segments of the CBD market. It would be very exciting to see what they could do with other products like CBD lotions, gummies, and vape juices. With time, it’s likely that we’ll see bioMD+ expand into other markets. When that happens, we’ll be first in line to buy those products.

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