CBD Oil for Arthritis

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  1. I've got osteo also it's froze 3 vertebrae an I'm on Norco, wish I wasn't but I'd like to know is CBD Oil as strong as Norco?

  2. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  3. I have psoriatic arthritis. This disease is very painful. Ive been on every anti inflammatory under the sun, opiates, and biologics. The pain never really goes away. One day I could barely move and I had seen some videos about cbd. I decided to try it. I figured I had nothing to loose. Life changing! Ive tried the gummies, vape, oils, and even flower. It all works amazing. I just take a few puffs of cbd flower… Within 5 mins I dont walk with a limp anymore and the pain is gone. Wish I knew about this a long time ago.

  4. There are so many brands and companies out there who sell CBD products. What brands or companies do you recommend? I've been researching this for several weeks and have found many "organic" brands and companies but which one is best? I have arthritis and back pain. I have tried a tincture from green roads of 500mg strength. I had to use two and a half dropper fulls a half hour before bed and I had zero pain for the entire night. It's been at least 15 years since I was pain free. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

  5. CURSED all you EVIL doctors that NEVER prescribed cbd ! it's illegal because of satanic whores of big pharma.

  6. NSAIDs cause heart attacks in elderly with regular use. It's really not safe to use them…

  7. A friend gave me Terpenes 100 mg to use sublingually. I have worsen rheumatoid arthritis especially in my hands. Will this help me???? Seriously don't want to take the medications that have so many side effects. Please help…thank uou

  8. Will the body get tolerance to CBD oil after some period of usage and because of that dosage should be increased?

  9. I have Hallus Rigidus in both toes plus 3 compound disks and arthritis in my lower back. I have tried many pain killers but nothing has worked for me except CBD from Bluebird. The pain is not totally gone but at least I can go out now and walk with little pain. Before CBD I was looking at using a wheel chair because I could not walk 15 steps without horrific pain. Thank you to the Dean , CBD and Bluebird. I got my life back!

  10. New sub here. Thanks for the info. Had one joint replacement(hip) and looking like I also need a new knee. Arthritis has eaten me alive. I'm looking to try anything that helps. Appreciate the info.

  11. Ok sorry i dont know a lot about this but i am really interested. But can i use cbd oil only and pass a drug test?

  12. HI, I use both products. CBD oil sublingually and CBD cr ram topically

  13. I have severe osteoarthritis. I started to use CBD oil year ago and I need to admit,that CBD oil changed my life.
    From mysery and pain I live normal life by using CBD oil and topical oitment I made myself.
    CBD saved my life.

  14. Where I live in Tennessee a man makes CBD oil locally here and he’s awesome! His products are pure and has different items to choose from! Proven effective for anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, seizures etc! If interested let me know I’ll get you a discount since I’m a loyal customer of his!

  15. To make Cbd work 100% should THC be added.
    That's Cbd for sublingual use.

  16. Thank you for this info. I have bad ankle pain and all my doctor said was 'do these stretches, take ibeprofin, or Tylenol'. And I have no desire to kill my stomach and liver with those 2 drugs day in and day out. I've tried bengay and icy hot but they don't seem to help. I've been thinking of trying a cbd cream that has no thc but didn't know if it's legal for in California and won't impead on my jobs 0 tolerance drug policy as if I get hurt first thing they do when treating me is a drug screening test.

  17. Hi there I was wondering if you knew of a company who makes a good topical for arthritis. I saw in another post you recommended nuleafnaturals however I didn't find a topical there. Ty in advance Valerie

  18. I have been taking methotrexate for about a year now . Will I be able use this ? Thank you in advance

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