Savage CBD Brand Review

Savage CBD Brand Review
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Who is Savage CBD?

Savage E-Liquid was created in 2014 by founders Chris and Matt in Orange County California.  By 2015, Savage Enterprises was created with the intent of going “all in” on vaping products. One of the exceptional things about this business is that it combines unique flavors to enhance their products.

They branched off into CBD products and are using the same ideas to enhance flavors.  This is offered at . They began by offering both vaping and tincture products.  In addition, they’ve recently added edibles in the form of gummies. They offer high quality products at reasonable prices, and seemingly always have a sale or samples. They can be found on the web, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and Snap Chat.

All of their CBD products are lab tested for purity and content.  They also are certified as pesticide free, GMO free, and are THC free (meet the federal <0.3% requirement).

savage cbd oil review

What is CBD? – Highlights

The human body contains a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS).  This system uses fat-based neurotransmitters which control or are involved in the feedback systems for a variety of actions in the nervous system.  Hemp plants contain elements that are similar to these naturally occurring human chemicals.  There are actually over 100 elements in whole hemp extract.  The two most well known are THC and CBD.  THC is the psychoactive material in marijuana.  CBD is the non-psychoactive item in all hemp plants.  Many have said that CBD helps alleviate a wide variety of human suffering.  According to the FDA there needs to be more studies to substantiate these claims.  Regardless, many companies offer CBD products now, and Savage CBD is one of the best.

What is Vaping?

Vaping has become very popular in the last decade.  It was developed as an alternative to traditional smoking and cigarettes/cigars.  In short, materials are vaporized and brought into contact with the lung surface to maximize the absorption of materials.  There are a several different vaping set ups, but Savage CBD products tend to work with them all.

Sublingual vs Vaping

In general terms, it is possible to absorb more material through sublingual absorption (under the tongue for 30 seconds or so), than from swallowing (60% vs 40%). Vaping significantly increases that amount to around 90% absorbed. The trade-off is that there are some health concerns with vaping in general. As with most things, the user must decide which concerns matter and act accordingly.

savage cbd oil review

What Products Does Savage CBD Offer?

Vapable CBD
Given their background and history, it is not a surprise that many of their products are of the vaping variety.

  • Savage Line: They offer six flavors in the Savage CBD line.  This includes Driven, Hustle, Passion, Serene, Tranquil and Vape Shot.  They also offer product combo samplers. These all contain CBD isolate oil. Their best-selling version is currently Passion.  This is a candied watermelon mixed with notes of sour “razzmatazz”.
  • Ripe Line: In an homage to the original Savage Enterprise Ripe product offering (flavored tobacco products), they also offer three Ripe CBD flavors (totally CBD – no tobacco!).   These are Fiji Mellon, Kiwi Dragon Berry and Straw Nanners.  The current best seller is Fiji Mellon.

All their products are carefully and specifically mixed to work well in any vape device and at the wattage of your preference.  As with many vaping products, the CBD oil is thinned with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.  This is done to optimize the experience of vaping CBD.  It can also be ingested orally but is intended for a vaping experience.

Full Spectrum CBD
This product offering comes in a couple of primary variations. All of these products are made from a full spectrum CBD oil.

  • Tinctures: These are classic CBD oral products intended to be administered sublingually.  They are all full spectrum CBD oil. The cool Savage difference is that several different flavors are offered.  Currently the Lemon-Lime is the best-selling item.  It truly tastes like Lemons!  For anyone who has winced after holding a full spectrum CBD oil under their tongue this is truly a massive improvement!  This is good enough to add to a drink or other items as a nice alternative for getting your daily CBD serving.
  • CBD Cartridges: This is a Pineapple flavored CBD oil product specifically engineered for vaping.  It comes in a pre-filled cartridge, or as part of a vapor wear kit bundle. Users claim it has a wonderful balance of terpenes from the full spectrum CBD oil, which is artfully enhanced by the Pineapple flavoring.
  • Others: In addition to the above offerings, there are a couple of other items.  There is a pet spray, soft gels, and a skin lotion.  The pet spray is intended to be sprayed onto their food or water to allow your dogs or cats to enjoy the calming benefits of CBD oil.  Soft gels are intended for those who have problems with sublingual administration of oil.  By putting the oil in a gel, it allows the user to avoid tasting the CBD oil at all.

The final item, and one of the newest, is an edible variation of CBD oil. Savage CBD has chosen to offer edible gummies. As with all of their products, this is made from high quality CBD and they keep prices low. These come in 6x 50 mg piece bags. You can still taste the CBD oil, but there are pleasant flavors beside it which enhance the experience. Many say this is the best product they’ve seen in this category.

savage cbd oil review


As mentioned above, all products are tested for CBD content by a third-party lab.  These results are from OSCLabs, or BioKinetics Labs in Groveland Florida. One interesting difference from this vendor is that each container has a QRT code.  This takes you to the results for that specific lot of material.  That’s a pretty nice addition to other vendors where you have to search around the web to find the answers you seek.

The products are also certified as being full spectrum, GMO free, pesticide free, and THC free.  Some are CBD isolate, and others are full spectrum CBD.  Full spectrum CBD offer the potential for an enhanced entourage effect.


Final Thoughts

The founders say that high quality at low prices is one of the main things that they are shooting for.  From the sales, pricing, and free samples, it is clear that they are achieving this. As someone who often has issues with strong earthy flavors, I often am unable to stomach sublingual CBD oils.  I really enjoyed the gummy option and would recommend that to others.  The website is clear and easy to navigate and there’s plenty of help available should you need it.  Many commented on how helpful customer service is.

Based on the above, I would recommend trying these products and this vendor.

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