Daily High Club Review


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Daily High Club Review

Daily High Club Items

Service Review: Daily High Club
Product Offering: Smoking-Related Subscription Box
Visit: https://dailyhighclub.com

For those jumping on the subscription box craze, it’s understandable that the 420 friendly community joins the plethora of boxes coming straight to your door. If you’re an avid sub box subscriber or new to the industry, it’s good to analyze what you really get and if it’s worth your money. I mean, after all, it’s almost always a surprise, right?


Let’s take a closer look at what they the DailyHighClub.com Boxes feature:

Collaborations – Every month they reach out and collaborate with a well known, or soon to be a well-known influencer. This is quite a bit of work as not only do they have to endorse, but approve what is sent.

Celebrity Endorsements – Another form of collaboration but they go straight to the industry professionals with some serious reach. Whether you’ve heard of them or not, this is just a sign that they’ve gone out of their way to make sure quality is put forth with each and every shipment.

Shipping to USA and Canada – Cool – They likely would rather not deal with broken glass going international, at least not at this time. My best guess is…

The actual goods?

3 Subscription Selections 

El Primo – Price: $30/mo.

  • $80 worth of products
  • Glass
  • Essentials

Connoisseur – $12/mo.

  • 7-9 products
  • Curated by smoking experts

All-Natural – $1/mo. +sh

  • 1.25 Size All-Natural Papers
  • All-Natural Filter Tips
  • 3.3′ Organic Bee
  • Wick
  • Matchbook

The Box


The surprise element is exciting and for some it is worth the risk when putting out money on something you haven’t even seen yet.

Our first box (as shown) was well received and we got a neat glass pipe. The pipe had a unique shape and almost acted as a steamroller it was so big. The appeal to get $80 worth of gear for $30 can definitely fit almost any budget. I don’t know if I’d pay $80 for the amount in the box but for $30 the value was there. The surprise element is exciting and for some, it is worth the risk when putting out money on something you haven’t even seen yet. You can also buy previously sent boxes in their store (for slightly more however). Either way, at $30 a month, or even $12, it makes for a great conversation starter!

Have you tried their box? Let us know in the comments below!

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