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Pinnacle Hemp’s high-grade industrial hemp is organically grown and harvested with no pesticides or herbicides at the farm in Colorado and then manufactured into finished goods at their facility in Missouri. Their products are tested at every stage of the manufacturing process. This ensures that they keep full control of what’s in their own product.

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We were excited to review Pinnacle Hemp’s 300mg Gummies to see if the gummies lived up to the hype. These gummies were priced reasonably against a lot of the other competitors, so we set out to put their quality to the test.

Quality Control

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Company Info

Pinnacle Hemp came into existence when it’s founder, Kevin Lacey, sought an answer to his daughter’s struggle with epilepsy. Kevin wanted to find a way to help his and get her away from the Big Pharma meds, and looked to CBD as natural remedy for treating his daughter’s epilepsy. When CBD effectively treated his daughters condition (she has been seizure-free for 3 years), he ventured into the CBD world and continues to deliver high-quality CBD products to thousands.

For the quality seeking, health-conscious buyer, this brand is perfect and has received excellent customer reviews for its help with chronic health issues. Pinnacle showcases their CBD in a range of goods which have CBD oils, Gummies, Honey Sticks, Vape E-liquids, Coffee and even CBD Crumble/Dabs! In addition, PopularCBDBrands is able to offer an exclusive 20% off coupon code: POPTHECBD

All of their CBD products are lab tested for purity and content. They also are certified as pesticide free, GMO free, and are THC free (meet the federal <0.3% requirement).

Product Info

Pinnacle Hemp’s 300mg CBD Gummies are made with a CBD isolate and infused into a delicious gummy ring. Each bottle of the 300mg CBD gummies comes with 12 gummies, each containing 25mg of CBD. The gummies are delicious and the dosage is perfect for a sweet tooth looking to get their daily dose of CBD.

Each batch of this product comes with an easy-to-read lab results which help promote transparency and ensure you know what you are getting with each gummy.


The product itself comes in a sealed plastic bottle with a twist-off cap. The opaque green plastic bottle ensures the sunlight impact the quality of the gummies. This is something many companies overlook. The labeling on the 300mg gummies is easy to navigate and it includes information about the ingredients as well as direction in terms of use.  

On first taste, I was impressed by just how delicious these gummies were. They taste much more like peach rings than the gummy worms or gummy bears most popular in the market. For the sweet tooth among our testers if was hard to stop once they had a taste.


Figuring out the correct dosage is easy with the 300mg gummies. The standard for most mild therapeutic uses of CBD is 25mg, and it is no accident that each gummy contains 25mg of CBD. With 12 gummies at 25mg of CBD each this 300 mg bottle should last the daily user about 12 days. However, as always with CBD, take it low and slow and figure out what works for your own body. However, for those taking more than 25mg of CBD daily you may find yourself moving through a bottle quickly. Given the price, relying on these gummies as a daily supplement could become expensive.

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While we were more familiar with Pinnacle Hemp’s tincture products, we were excited to try out their CBD gummies’ effect. The effects took around 40 minutes to set in which is slightly longer than a sublingual dosage from most tinctures. Our team of reviewers were seeking to address another of moderate health concerns including: muscle aches and pain, sleeping difficulties, and lastly social anxiety.

Our reviewer looking for pain relief found pain relief about 30 minutes after dosing, and was pleased with the effects this had on his mood. Our reviewer solving for sleep issues took a gummy an hour before bed and reported a positive increase in the amount of sleep she got each night. Our reviewer using it for anxiety was able to experience a degree of relief after about an hour. An hour after taking a second gummy halfway through the day, the reviewer reported feeling the relief they were looking for.


Pinnacle Hemp’s 300mg CBD Gummies’ central ingredient is their CBD isolate distilled from Non-GMO plants. In addition this product contains: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Water, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, lactic acid pectin (derived from fruit) FD&C, Yellow #5, Blue #1

Customer Support

Pinnacle Hemp was extremely easy to get in touch with. They responded to our e-mail very quickly, and in addition offer a direct number listed on their website that you can call if you have further questions.


Pinnacle Hemp ships extremely fast. We were really impressed at how soon we received the product for review, and online reviews confirmed it wasn’t just us. In addition, Pinnacle Hemp offers free shipping on all orders in the US over $50. In addition, unlike many other CBD manufacturers, Pinnacle Hemp has global shipping if you live in one of the 22 countries which have approved GW’s Sativex.


Pinnacle Hemp’s 300mg CBD Gummies starts at $49.99 per bottle. Bring the cost of each However using PopularCBDBrands’ coupon code: POPTHECBD, we paid only $39.99. This brings the cost to about $3.25 a gummy. The 300mg CBD gummies has a value of $0.07 per MG of CBD. Not the most affordable way to dose, but definitely the tastiest.

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Final Thoughts

For a company with a huge variety of products, it’s great to see that each of Pinnacle Hemp products lives up to their claims about quality. In addition, I appreciate the choice of the peach ring direction over the overplayed gummy bears and worms that are crowding the market. However, the cost before coupon makes these gummies more of a luxury than a daily supplement. With the 20% off coupon code from PopularCBDBrands and free shipping with most orders, Pinnacle Hemp’s 300mg CBD Gummies are a great choice for those looking to try out a quality CBD product without a big investment upfront.

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9.3 Total Score

Pinnacle Hemp products live up to their claims about quality. Pinnacle Hemp’s 300mg CBD Gummies are a great choice for those looking to try out a quality CBD product without a big investment upfront.

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