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TerraVita CBD is a company that prides itself on innovation. A fairly new company, TerraVita is making a name for themselves by combining the benefits of CBD with tried and true herbal supplements. Each of their unique Full-Spectrum blends comes enhanced with one of the following melatonin, ginseng, Ashwagandha root extract, green tea extract, and taurine. In addition to their full-spectrum tinctures, they also offer pet products as well. Our team is happy to share our review this new line of innovative products.

About TerraVita CBD

TerraVita is a CBD company based out of Costa Mesa, California and their mission is to offer products that help people and their pets thrive. They achieve this by developing hemp oil blends each geared toward addressing a specific aspect of life. Their 3 full-spectrum CBD oils are geared toward the following: focus, sleep, and relaxation.

TerraVita CBD Review: Products

At the time of writing, TerraVita offers 3 different blends of their full-spectrum CBD oil. For those looking for a specific benefit from CBD, TerraVita makes it easy. All their products are 3rd Party Lab tested, contain less than 0.2% of THC, and terpenes present in the final product. In addition, each tincture infused with natural flavoring to improve taste.

“Sleep” 1000mg Full-Spectrum CBD with Melatonin

One of the most popular uses for CBD is it’s benefits in regards to sleep. TerraVita’s “Sleep 1000mg Full-Spectrum Tincture” combines CBD’s potential for sleep with the proven sleep-aid hormone, melatonin. In addition, a subtle hint of grapefruit is used to make the dosing experience more pleasant. Each full dropper of the “Sleep Tincture” includes 33mg of CBD and 2mg of melatonin. The result is a sleep aid that ensures your body can rest and achieve a deep, satisfying sleep. Our reviewers took 1 full dropper about an hour before bed. We found their “Sleep” tincture to be very effective in helping to wind down quickly and stay asleep longer. For a CBD user looking specifically to address sleep difficulties, TerraVita’s “Sleep 1000mg Full-Spectrum Tincture” is a great place to start.

“Relax” 1000mg Full-Spectrum CBD with Ashwagandha Root

Ashwagandha root has been used for thousands of years to help reduce daily stress due it is natural ability to lower blood sugar levels and fight off symptoms of anxiety. TerraVita’s “Relax 1000mg Full-Spectrum Tincture” is the same high-quality CBD oil, but infused with ashwagandha root extract. TerraVita’s approach of pairing well-known herbal remedies with CBD to work together to address specific concerns is not only innovative, but effective. For those looking for anxiety relief or just to relax, TerraVita’s “Relax” offers a great option, and with a lemon lime flavor it tastes great too!

“Focus” 1000mg Full-Spectrum CBD with Ginseng and Green Tea Extract

It is well known that ginseng and Green Tea extract can act as natural stimulants. Making them extremely popular solutions for improving brain function throughout history. In TerraVita’s “Focus 1000mg Full-Spectrum CBD” both ginseng and Green Tea extract are present alongside CBD to deliver a powerful boost to one’s mental clarity. This invigorating hemp oil blend is great for taking any time of the day. Like the other blends, “Focus” is flavored as well. The spearmint flavor is not overpowering and pairs nicely with the natural flavors present in the hemp oil.

TerraVita CBD Review: The Bottom Line

TerraVita CBD excels at pairing the trusted herbal remedies with CBD in an effective way. They offer innovation and quality that allow them to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Our review team enjoyed the variety of flavors and the consistent effects of the oil. For those looking to address specific concerns or to try out a new innovative product, TerraVita CBD is a great brand for you. In summary:

  • TerraVita stands out through their innovative pairing of CBD with popular herbal remedies.
  • Blends crafted for specific purposes making choosing an oil easier for newcomers.
  • Downloadable lab test results are available for every product.
  • High quality oil at a moderate price point.

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