Koi CBD Review

Koi CBD Review
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  • Koi uses the CO2 extraction method to create its products
  • The Company Sometimes Offers Discounts
  • Truly 100% Free of THC
  • Easy-To-Access Lab Results
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An In-Depth Review of Koi CBD

Roger Adams, a chemist and graduate of Harvard University, first extracted CBD oil from a Cannabis sativa plant in 1940. He just didn’t realize what he’d done. It wasn’t until 1946 that CBD started to undergo testing, which continued for the next several decades. By 1980, it was considered a key ingredient for treating epilepsy, and today, CBD oil is used to treat anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, chronic joint pain, migraines, and a range of other symptoms related to mental and physical illnesses. Of course, the increasing popularity of the product means more companies claiming to sell the best CBD oil and other CBD-based products are popping up regularly. One such company is Koi CBD. Read on to find out what this company offers and whether their claims meet customer expectations.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, which is more often referred to as CBD, is a component found in several types of plants, including cacao and liverwort. However, it is most potent in hemp plants, which is where Koi extracts it from. Most people who have heard of CBD assume it must be mixed with THC, but the reality is that the two can be separated so that someone can use CBD without the mind-altering effects. CBD is an increasingly common treatment for a variety of ailments, including depression, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. It is even being used by pet owners now.

Who Is Behind Koi CBD?

Established in 2015, Koi CBD oil uses 99 percent pure cannabidiol that is easily traced through each batch. The oil, which is legal in all 50 states, does not have any THC in it. Today, the company is run by Brent Brunner, Brad Ridenour and Malinda Ridenour, with Jason Decker working behind the scenes to create the flavors he company is becoming known for. Although its main headquarters are in the United Kingdom, the company has offices in the Los Angeles area and sources its products from Colorado.

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What Types of Products Does the Company Carry?

Koi CBD carries a wide variety of products to meet a range of needs. Perhaps one of the company’s most popular products is the Koi Naturals CBD Oil. The oils, which are created to be held under the tongue, are available in two sizes and five strengths. They come in four different flavors, including natural, orange, lemon-lime and spearmint. In addition to oil, the company is also known for its vape juice, pet products, gummies and lotion.

  • Vape Juice Koi Vape Oil is 100 percent free of THC and is available in 100-, 250-, 500- and 1000-milligram strengths. Packaged in 30-milliliter bottles, the products are traceable by batch and available in five flavors: Blue (Blue Raspberry Dragonfruit), Red (Classic Strawberry Milkshake), Gold (Vanilla Caramel Custard), Jade (Watermelon-Sour Green Apple) or Pink (Pink Lemonade). On occasion, the company produced a limited-edition pumpkin spice latte vape juice, too. There is also a white bottle available for those who prefer unflavored vape juices.
  • Pet Products Studies have shown that CBD oil is as effective for pets as it is for humans. These non-GMO pet products are available as soft-chew treats or as a full-spectrum CBD oil spray.
  • Gummies While many creators of CBD gummies simply spray CBD oil on their products, Koi mixes their CBD into the gummies three times to ensure even distribution. The tropical fruit-flavored products are also available in a sour option and are packaged in quantities of six of 20.
  • Lotion For people who prefer not to ingest their CBD products, Koi provides a 200-milligram CBD location made with organic lavender, coconut and aloe to soften skin while providing the proper CBD dosage.

In addition to the many CBD products, Koi also produces a vaping cartridge with a 380mAh battery and included 250mg natural hemp flavored CBD cartridge. Other options include the Koi Stik and its CBD pods, which is a vape pen with separate pod flavors, or the Envii Fitt CBD vaporizer, which is slightly more powerful than the Koi Stik. Of course, like any company, there are advantages and disadvantages to purchasing items from Koi. Before you start your order, it is important to have a strong understanding of the pros and cons.

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Pro: The Extraction Method of the Product

Koi uses the CO2 extraction method to create its products, which means you can be sure you aren’t getting any unwanted chemicals in your CBD oils, gummies or other products. CO2 extraction uses temperature and pressure to make phase changes in carbon dioxide. The method is more efficient by reducing extraction time, using less energy and providing a higher yield. Using CO2 also creates a purer product.

Pro: The Company Sometimes Offers Discounts

A quick Google search will sometimes find a Koi coupon for $5 off an order or 10 percent off one. These coupons are great ways to save money on your first order, but they usually aren’t available to use after that. However, checking regularly may bring up new discounts for a holiday or for another reason. In addition, if you are a veteran, you automatically receive 25 percent off every order you place with Koi.

Pro: Truly 100% Free of THC

It is very hard to find a CBD oil that is truly 100 percent free of THC. Even though they can legally be sold that way, most of them still contain amounts of up to 0.3 percent. While this may not seem like much, it is enough to sometimes cause issues for people who need to pass drug tests for work or for other reasons. Koi’s product is truly 100 percent free of THC, though, which means you won’t need to worry about accidentally failing a random drug test at work.

Pro: Easy-To-Access Lab Results

Most major CBD companies provide proof of their lab testing, but only Koi CBD provides the reports for every product right in the product description itself. Instead of needing to hunt down specific results, Koi provides a link to the third-party testing results from SC Labs, a company known as being one of the top testing labs west of the Mississippi.

Con: The CBD Vape Liquid Can Be Confusing

Some people feel that the biggest con of using Koi products is determining how much of the company’s vape liquid to use in a vaporizer. This is because the product is made so that you can also take it orally instead of vaping if preferred (which is actually a pro for many people). In order to make the consistency viable for both vaping and ingesting orally, it is thicker and has a syrupier texture than most other e-liquids. For this reason, instead of simply adding some to your cartridge, the manufacturer recommends cutting it by adding a bit of a thinner, preferred e-liquid to it. Doing so will ensure you maximize the efficiency of your product since not cutting it could cause the heating coils not to be used as efficiently, which may lead to a slight loss in potency.

Con: The Products Can Be Pricy

While this isn’t something exclusive to Koi, it is something you should probably keep in mind, especially if you are on a limited budget. While this is likely due to the processes and legalities involved when creating and selling CBD oil and related products, it can still be quite the sticker shock for someone who isn’t used to buying CBD products. Oils often aren’t available for less than $40 USD and can even cost as much as $250 to $300 USB per bottle. Vaping e-liquids range from $30 to $100 at Koi, which is slightly more affordable. This is an option that can also be taken under the tongue, but keep in mind that smaller bottles mean you’ll still need to purchase more often.

The most affordable item on Koi’s list is their gummies. You can get six of them for $10 USD. This would be an excellent choice for someone who has yet to try CBD and wants to see how it works before graduating to a costlier product. Despite the sticker shock for people who aren’t used to the expenses surrounding CBD, Koi’s prices are actually on par with competitors and more affordable than some, which makes this a pro for many people.


Overall, Koi has a poor reputation and is GROSSLY overpriced. Whether a quick glance or a thorough read, you’ll find that Koi CBD reviews are very inconsistent no matter which product category you’re interested in. Users love that the company uses truly high-quality ingredients and an efficient, environmentally friend process to extract the CBD from the plants. Each of the flavors is true to their claims but are overwhelming, and customers who prefer unflavored products often complain of an odd aftertaste after using an oil from Koi. The products tend to “work” within 15 minutes, and many users say CBD from Koi has failed to reduced their chronic pain or anxiety throughout the day. All in all, this is an overpriced CBD company, and you should look for an alternate brand.  We would recommend Pinnacle CBD oil or Savage CBD oil over Koi CBD.

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