CBD oil is making a wave among millions of households. It has become more popular and more than just an alternative form of pain relief. The rise of CBD oil is attributed to the tremendous results it delivers with minimal side effects.

CBD oil has gone a step further by providing a variety of CBD products available on the shelves today. Resulting in many CBD oil products (e.g. CBD wax) with every product exhibiting powerful effects while still available in different potencies.



CBD oil is extracted from the flowers, stalks, and leaves of the hemp plant. These raw materials are extracted from strains of cannabis plants that have a high cannabidiol content in order to maximize the potency of the end product. The high cannabidiol content makes CBD oil perfect for medicinal purposes. CBD oil is mostly extracted from the industrial hemp plant because it has fewer legal restrictions and it is CBD-dominant. Furthermore, the industrial hemp plant has little to no psychoactive THC, is cheaper and is solely used for medical purposes.

CBD oil is used in:

– The treatment of cancer

– The treatment of inflammatory disorders, anxiety, depression, seizures and neurodegenerative disorders

– The treatment of epilepsy

CBD oil is extracted in two main ways: using a harsh chemical to separate components or carbon dioxide extraction. The process of extraction determined whether CBD oil is an isolate or a full spectrum oil. There are various options of how to consume CBD with one method gaining popularity. This is the CBD dab.

What is CBD dabbing?

A CBD dab has been viewed as the best way to maximize the benefits of CBD. The basic definition of dabbing is that it is the use of a drug through some sort of inhaling instrument for example a vape or bong. Simply put, it is vaping the substance instead of just ingesting it. Dabbing has been found to be a more beneficial method of administration than oral ingestion. Oral ingestion has a 15% bioavailability because it has to undergo various chemical changes and breakdowns in the liver before it reaches the bloodstream.

On the other hand, dabbing increase bioavailability by 50% making the effects to be felt more quickly. Dabbing does not mean that CBD products cannot be ingested, but dabbing offers a more efficient way of benefiting the body and mind. High bioavailability has been shown to aid in a number of health issues such as offsetting neuropsychiatric disorders, etc.

The basic understanding of dabbing can now be applied to consumption of CBD. CBD is available in various concentrates and extracts, commonly CBD oil and Hemp oil.

CBD oil is mostly intended for oral use, but can be dabbed as well. CBD dabs are any CBD products intended for dabbing. These CBD dabs exist in isolate form. These products include:

– CBD wax

– CBD shatter

– CBD crumble

– CBD butter etc.

CBD dabs are useful for people who need instant CBD hits in less time. It is also very effective for those experiencing chronic pain or sharp bursts. CBD dabs are potent yet user friendly since users do not have to take many precautions while using.

CBD dabs need to be heated before taking. Paying full attention to this process is of paramount importance. When dabbing, the CBD product is applied to a hot surface and then inhaled. Technically, this is referred to as flash vaporization. The temperature should be just right not to cause the concentrate to combust which would beat the point of dabbing.

The 99% purity level of CBD dab makes them more expensive than CBD oils and edibles.

1) CBD Shatter

CBD shatter is a hardened form of CBD. Most regular CBD products have a higher concentration of CBD shatter. CBD shatter has become more popular with people who would like to get high dosages of CBD into their system and do not want to spend a lot of time while doing so. CBD shatter has consistent effects meaning that a user gets the same level of effects every time they use it. This makes it different from the other CBD products which tend to be less consistent.

CBD shatter is the most potent of all CBD dabs. This is attributed to the fact that it is a brittle option that shatters easily. The best quality CBD shatter dabs are golden yellow.

2) CBD Crystals

CBD crystals are the best form of CBD isolate. CBD crystals are the best CBD isolate forms on the market today. They boast 98% purity. CBD crystals are basically in powder form.

CBD crystal can be consumed by:

– Mixing with e-liquids

– Making oil tinctures

– Baking edibles with the crystals

3) CBD Wax

CBD wax is also referred to as CBD Concentrate. It is extracted from the hemp plant by a superior carbon dioxide method. This process ensures that the CBD is of high quality and very pure. The carbon dioxide extraction method is preferred because it eliminates toxins, metals, chlorophyll, and oil from the industrial hemp plant.

When growing marijuana, recreational users look for the flowers of the plant because this is where the psychoactive substance THC is contained. However, growing industrial hemp plant involves cutting off the flowers in favor of growing the plant to maximum height. The stalks are rich in CBD used in CBD wax. CBD wax has a relatively firm texture and breaks easily.

CBD wax is advantageous because it delivers fast relief and it is great for daytime use.

Dabbing of CBD dabs can be done through various available dabbing tools which should be handled with care. Remember that the CBD dabs are being vaporized and not combusted. Some common tools used for CBD dabs are:

– Dabbing rig to heat up the nail and place the concentrate on for vaporization

– Quartz, titanium or ceramic nails for flavor

– Carb cap dabber to place the concentrate on the hot nail safely

– Dab rag/mat which acts as a stand for the rig

– Torch to heat up the nail

– Electronic nail which is an alternative to the torch

Common misconceptions about CBD dab

– They are dangerous because they may contain residual chemicals from the extraction process but there are no studies to show any negative effects of CBD dabs on health

CBD dabs get you high, which is unfortunately false unless they contain high THC contents which is not common to find in today’s CBD products

CBD dab overdose can be fatal, something that has never been verified since no death has been attributed to a CBD overdose

CBD dabs are as dangerous as ‘crack’ which is far from the truth.

The keys for safe CBD dabbing are:

– Staying away from low-quality products

– Correctly using heating devices such as vapes and bongs

– Keeping away from self-made dabs because it is impossible to determine the purity of the product

– Beginning with small doses for beginners

The benefits of dabbing CBD dabs are:

– Rapid reduction of inflammation and swelling

– Combating vomiting, nausea and motion sickness

– Mood stabilization and regulation of epileptic seizures

In conclusion, a CBD dab is simply a CBD concentrate that can be dabbed where dabbing is the process of substance vaporization rather than oral ingestion. Dabbing has its own set of challenges which seem to be outweighed by the tremendous benefits. However, the choice of CBD dabs or oral ingestion is left to the user.

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