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Have a stressed or anxious pet?

Purfurred CBD Oil is a plant-based supplement that interacts with animals’ CB receptors to support a healthy brain and body.


Within the CO2 extracted oils from hemp’s stalks and flowers, you’ll find a full-spectrum of cannabinoids. These natural chemical compounds are used all over the world in supplements to combat issues like anxiety and inflammation.

By a landslide, the most abundant cannabinoid found in hemp oil is CBD (short for cannabidiol).

What’s the Purpose of CBD for Animals?

Dogs, cats and humans all share the same system that’s fueled by cannabinoids. It’s called the Endocananbinoid System; and despite its lack of coverage in textbooks, it’s extremely important for all of us mammals.

This system regulates processes throughout the body to maintain balance and overall wellness. But supplementing CBD oil for cats and dogs, you’re giving them unique phytonutrients that their body is literally designed to work with. Their body knows what to do with CBD, therefore it quickly and safely supports them in the stress of everyday pet life.

CBD oil for cat anxiety is a common reason we give these supplements to our feline companions. CBD for pets is also used often to support overall health and wellness.

The natural properties of hemp-derived CBD oil can soothe our pets from the stress and anxiety that comes with being home alone, thunderstorms, and fireworks.

How Much CBD to Give your Cat

Mix 5 drops of Purfurred CBD Oil into your cat’s food once or twice per day. This is something you may need to experiment with to figure out what works best for your cat. Thanks to the special CBD for Cats formulation, our felines can now consume hemp oil without getting stomach issues from the coconut oil in Purfurred CBD for Dogs.

How Much CBD to Give your Dog

For dogs under 25lbs, blend 5 drops of Purfurred CBD Oil for Dogs into their food or directly into their mouth. The suggested serving size increases by pet weight, as listed below.

Dogs 26-50lbs: 10 drops
Dogs over 50lbs: 15 drops

If your pet is taking 5 drops per serving, you’ll get 120 servings per bottle. That’s 60 servings total at 10 drops per serving, and 40 servings at 15 drops.

Notice how your pet acts after taking CBD oil, especially after CBD has built up in their system after taking it a few times. We’ve heard customers say that if they give their pet “too much,” it can make them very tired, so that’s something to be mindful of.


CBD for Dogs
Active Ingredient: Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil (200mg CBD)
Other Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil

CBD for Cat
Active Ingredient: Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil (200mg CBD)
Other Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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