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CBD capsules are a great way to enjoy the incredible benefits of CBD oil. The capsules are comprised of a complex phytonutrient matrix to maximize the wellness benefits. The convenience of a capsule makes them easy to carry and use on the go.


Made by +CBDOil, these CBD capsules come from a top name CBD hemp derived oil brand, trusted by thousands of daily hemp users. Take your time to learn about these capsules in the description below. You will find they are of unmatched quality.

Powerful CBD Serving

What makes these CBD Capsules stand out is the fact they offer such a powerful serving of CBD oil. Their effective potency exceeds that of other methods. People often turn to capsule CBD oil because of the guaranteed serving of CBD in each capsule; no more messy or inconsistent measuring. If you are someone who has been taking CBD and realize that the only thing better for you would be a tasteless, guaranteed amount of CBD, then these CBD oil capsules are the way to go. Derived from agricultural hemp, they are high grade and lab tested for your safety. For a more powerful serving of daily CBD, make the +CBD Oil Capsules part of your daily supplement plan.

Why CBD Capsules

Let’s talk about quality for starters. The CBD oil itself inside of these capsules is 3rd party tested in laboratories that are unaffiliated with the sales or success of the products. This gives an unbiased opinion on the quality of the oil. The power of hemp derived CBD oil is already a great supplement to help with inflammation among other things. These CBD capsules give you between 10 and 30mgs of CBD oil each day depending on recommended serving and which product variation you choose. The capsules are also gluten free, non-GMO and filled with all the naturally occurring nutrients in hemp oil like Vitamin E and fatty acids that power your body and mind. Prepare to take your personal performance to the next level.

How To Take Them

The CBD Capsules can be included as part of your daily supplement plan. These capsules are offered in a couple different variations.

Product size:

  • 60 Capsules (15mg CBD each)

These are capsules and should be taken with water. Though to see the most benefit from these CBD capsules you will want to take them consistently. Think of them less as an Ibuprofen and more as a vitamin. They are a supplement to your health that will give your body more of what it needs. Include them as part of your daily supplement plan and try and take them every day. If you adhere to a consistent plan, you may have an easier time noticing their efficacy.

Choose the product that is right for you based on serving size. If you are new to CBD oil, first try the lower strength capsule. When you see the benefits of this pure hemp derived CBD oil, you can then see how a bottle of the higher potency (15mg) CBD capsules will work for you. This gradual increase a great way to start taking CBD and to determine your CBD “sweet spot,” or perfect serving size.

What’s Inside?

Only the best and most powerful CBD-rich hemp oil makes its way into these CBD tablets. These are grown using the most up to date methods and 3rd party tested to assure quality. The oil is sourced from the Total Plant Complex (full-spectrum) of industrial hemp. It is this dedication that assures you the very best source, and 50-state-legal, hemp oil for your money.

These CBD capsules contain very few ingredients beyond the hemp oil. Most of the ingredients are included to aid in digestion and absorbtion.

  • CBD Hemp Oil
  • Organic Rice Flour
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil
  • Vegetable Cellulose (Vegetable Capsules)
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