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What would you say to enjoying the benefits of full-spectrum hemp while savoring the cannabis taste? For a while this was only possible if you were prescribed medical marijuana. The benefits of CBD are unmatched; but for those who enjoy the taste and efficacy of cannabis, it was simply not an option without special provisions.


We’ll let you in on a secret. CBD is the same whether it comes from marijuana or hemp…the structure and integrity of this compound does not change. The only difference? Properly sourced hemp oil, like this CBD e liquid, is legal in all 50 states and is non-psychoactive (less than 0.3% THC). It’s certainly changing the game! Though it comes in many flavors and product variations, one of the most intriguing and popular options is the Colorado Kush that tastes like…well, cannabis. This pleasantly herbal flavor is enjoyed by many, but please be aware it does have a very unmistakable aroma.

CBD from hemp plants interact with receptors in your Endocannabinoid System, which plays a vital role in many of our physiological processes.

This CBD E Liquid is made from CO2 extracted European industrial hemp oil. Along with the power of synergistic CBD and terpenes, this vape oil is packed with essential oils and even essential fatty acids. Moreover, it contains only trace amounts of THC, so you can’t get “high.”

So, what is It?

Vaping and E cigarettes have changed the smoking world. This CBD E Liquid has come to add its twist on the industry. The oil is a powerful blend offering great flavor as well as your daily serving of hemp derived CBD oil. Your vape pen can be fueled again and again with this liquid.

Entourage’s Hemp CBD E Liquid is one of the many avenues to enjoy the palliative benefits of CBD oil without psychoactive effects.

The Benefits of CBE e-Liquid


This product has much to be excited about. The flavors offered are unique created using only terpenes, which are all-natural, organic compounds found in various plants.

Product variations:

  • 15ml (50mg CBD)
    • Colorado Kush
    • Clove
    • Limoncello
  • 15ml (100mg CBD)
    • Occam’s Razor

This CBD e-Liquid is 3rd party lab tested to verify potency, and is carefully crafted using the highest quality ingredients. It contains no nicotine, alcohol, PEG, Diacetyl, AP, BHT, BHA, Artificial Colors, or Artificial Flavors. This is a reputable product that is designed to offer a respectable amount of CBD oil to the user.

This e-liquid is perfect for drip rigs and tanks, or you can use it to enhance the flavor of other e-liquids. It is created from a platinum quality-terpenoid amended formulation. There are many CBD e-Liquids on the market but this one by Entourage will offer you a quality standard that is unmatched.

Using CBD e-Liquid

This great product from Entourage works in all sizes and types of wickless vaporizers. You need only remove the battery from your device and fill the reservoir with Entourage Hemp CBD E Liquid. Start with a small amount of the liquid at first. Even if you are supplementing with CBD already, if it is your first-time vaping, it could affect you differently.

Enjoy the power that this CBD e-Liquid will provide for you.

Using Entourage CBD Vape Oil will give you a simple and discreet way to enjoy your daily consumption of CBD oil. This method will easily become part of your daily routine and is a great choice if you want a steady consumption of CBD all throughout your day.

What’s Inside

Each bottle contains between 50 and 100mg of CBD, depending on the size you choose. There are various terpene-based flavors to choose from as well.

Hemp-derived CBD, Max VG, PG

Must be 18 or older to purchase.

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