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Hemp Classic 6x stands out among other tinctures because of it’s extremely potent CBD content. Made with a simple formulation of CBD hemp extract and organic virgin hemp seed oil, this 6x blend is perfect for anyone looking to either A.) consume a large amount of CBD per day, or B.) attain their daily CBD in smaller serving sizes.

Extra strength CBD hemp oil tincture to support overall health and wellness.


Inside Hemp Classic 6x is 500mg CBD per 10ml. That’s 25mg+ CBD per serving (15 drops). Compared to the typical 5-7mg CBD per serving that you’ll find in most other tinctures, theses CBD 6x drops are exceptionally more potent.

  • 10ml – 500mg CBD
  • 1oz (30ml) – 1,500mg CBD
  • Easy to use
  • 6x more potent that other Bluebird Botanical tinctures

What is Hemp Classic 6x?

A very potent CBD oil tincture for sublingual (under the tongue) use. Since it’s so powerful, you can take a small amount to achieve the same CBD serving as most other tinctures on the market. So if you dislike the taste of hemp oil to the point where you find it challenging to convince yourself to take your CBD oil every day, Hemp Classic 6x is a great option for you. Just 3-7 drops is efficient for low to medium wellness goals…while the full 15-30 drop serving is even more potent than a pure CBD oil concentrate.

  • 7 drops: 12.5mg+ CBD
  • 15 drops: 25mg+ CBD
  • 30 drops: 50mg+ CBD

Why Choose CBD Hemp Classic 6x?

Looking for the most potent CBD oil drops possible? Hemp Classic 6x is the way to go. There’s no confusing ingredients, just pure CBD hemp extract with a healthy hemp seed oil base.


The recommended serving size is 15 drops twice per day. That is a very large amount of CBD (50mg+), so use your judgment when choosing the right serving size for you. Only you know how your body feels! If you have no idea how much to take per day, follow the recommendation on the product label and pay close attention to your body for the first week; then decide if you should take more or less.


Hemp Extract, Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil

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