DAMN I feel great! (Losing interest in kratom and cannabis?)

Well, today marks the beginning of something awesome. I’ve been working on different blends and tried a hundred different herbs and spices….. meanwhile I …


  1. Since people are asking, this is an update from August 2018. I still feel great, but I've been through my ups and downs. I'm still smoking a lot less cannabis. Kratom comes and goes depending on the season. Overall everything's about balance and life is a roller coaster. What else can I say?? 🙂

  2. You have such an interesting, old soul energy. If you aren't a Pagan of some type, I'd be shocked. And I don't mean that in a New Ager type of Pagan either, not even with some of the qualities often seen in people who are and trust me when I say it's a compliment. I mean I love my crystals and things like that and some ideas of the New Age movement and they aren't bad folks or anything like that. And you like coffee, so you can't be too bad of a guy.

  3. Wow…3 grams twice a day is plenty for me.

  4. Would like to visit your website, though if you're a hater of libertarian and conservative views I'll go elsewhere. Let me know?

  5. ashwagandha=increased testosterone=increase motivation and productivity. Especially if you've been taking Kratom for so long this could have a profound effect because kratom will lower testosterone.

  6. Will this mix help my “man bun” grow?

  7. Thanks Carpo, a lot of good information. I’ve been taking Kratom for almost 2 years and have the desire to stop taking it everyday. I wish I could stop cold turkey but I can’t. I guess I’m gonna try a slow taper. Do you or anyone else on here have any suggestions on the best way to go or supplements that might help with the process? Thanks again

  8. I tried L Theanine one time and it made me sick. I had food in my stomach. I'm not allergic to anything that I know of. Any suggestions? I'm very open to herbs.

  9. i love this post :, keep up the positivity

  10. I wonder what it would be like if u soaked kratom in cannibus oil.

  11. Iv just found your channel n I agree ☝️ with everything you say n very interesting, iv learnt a lot from you , keep up the great work 👍

  12. TRUMP does it ! Amphetamine is his gas ! People say "man, Trump has a ton of energy for being 70" and how do people think that is ? Did he find the fountain of youth ?

  13. Best thing I ever did was stop cannabis, I felt like shit after years of cannabis use, I couldn't put weight on my body and had no appetite, I tested my hormone levels while on cannabis daily and my hormones was all over the place! My cortisol and estrogen levels were extremely high which is a bad thing and my testosterone levels were of a 90 year old mans level. Ive been off cannabis for nearly 2 years now and my testosterone levels are back to the high end of normal range, cortisol and estrogen are normal range aswell, I feel like a new man, more energy, no anxiety and feeling stressed any more.

  14. With misuse comes tolerance and negative effects. Cannabis can be one of the best motivators on earth at times (remember the first time you smoked an 'up', Sativa strain?)
    Sadly, most of us abuse it; including me! The 'Brain-fog' you describe seems to be an accumilative thing.
    "Balance is the Key" -Mr Myagi, 'The Karate Kid' 😀

  15. Ashwagandha is not recommended for men.

  16. do you got a video on how you make your shakes

  17. The fight or flight mechanism seems to be turned on for no reason causing undue stress and anxiety .

  18. This is the best video I have ever listened to. I want to try your mixture it sounds amazing. I've taken a lot of the herbs you mentioned but not together as one blend. You have very intelligent my guy. Keep sharing!

  19. Ur the one who can save my life

  20. Good job. Having a balanced chemical composition in the body is a great thing.

  21. Bro you look really happy it’s like you look 10 years younger it’s weird! But awesome

  22. I know this is an older video but you seem mentally sharper compared to how you are in other videos.

  23. I've been taking an ounce and a half everyday for a year. If I stop I get very sick

  24. Keep the dose small. Don't try to get fucked up on kratom. If you take a lot and catch yourself having to go out in a public place, you will not like it. It's not like opioids. When you do to much you will get eye wobbles and not be able to orient yourself.

  25. I spent $60 on kratom,that stuff didn't work at all.what a rip off

  26. I didn't take a xanax till like.. laaate late the other night for the first time ever. Was weird, but awesome.

  27. Maybe you already know that the less things that arise and pass away the less distraction, the more clarity and focus on what needs to be focused on.
    The more we are paying attention to what arises and passes away in our own personal, individual , moment by moment experience through the sense doors, including the mind as its own sense door (because thoughts and feelings come through the mind door), the less we as individuals will suffer and the more wisdom there will be. The more we will know not just better in the head but also better in the heart.
    If we practice this we will come to transcend the conceptual world, leaving the past and the future where they have always been: In the present moment.

  28. Wow I did my own research and came to the same conclusion. Kratom was a stepping stone to help me get off opiates. Then I started noticing the addictive effects of kratom and how it makes you acidic. So I went to moringa l thenine ashwaganga and some other herbs too.
    And I've noticed the "fire" inside being relit. Chi was blocked for so long but these adaptegens actually help assist the body instead of give you false energy like kratom and caffine

    Way to go bro. It's all part of the concious awakening that's happening right now.

  29. have you ever micro dosed mushrooms?

  30. Is your birthday March 22 1984?

  31. Herbal kratom becomes a lifesaver in life

  32. Hi subbed… did u produce the blend

  33. Kratom changed my life. I can walk now without having to rest every few minutes, my chronic pain is under control. Sounds like you just want to get high. Not interested.

  34. "Managed to squeeze one out as I was walking around the block."


  35. Brother, this video is was so damn informing. It really has helped me see my kratom addiction for what it is, I have known for a while now that I need to ween down (I have taken 3-4 6 gram doses a day for over a year now. I used it for the right reasons but the effects are starting to be more of a problem.. I would love that most you made for smoothies… it's just like you said time to find my balance rather then these ups and downs

  36. Please tell me what to take for energy and chronic pain! Been takin kratom on and off for two years… was on opiates for 8 years… clean for two…. but need energy without getting adderall

  37. LOL you look like wwe daniel bryan

  38. maybe you just had a narcissist nearby draining your energy

  39. Sage advice my man. I've worked in mental health for 10 years, the most important thing I learned is nothing is black and white with substance and mood…its all gray. Your objective info on herbs has been very helpful and offered a great perspective. I appreciate your work.

  40. i take 2-3. tablespoons of kratom 3 times a day, but it keeps me from doing opiates so im cool with it

  41. great video, good information and you were really focused, it was fun to listen.

  42. I have a 24 gram a day habit, if I dont take kratom I have severe withdrawal! Help me get off this man! I hope you have some info that will help me.

  43. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! BEST video ever!!! Josh, you are the man!! Thank you for these!

  44. Damn when did this channel come back?

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