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you can order @ Hempworx.com/amandakemp 100 percent pure Legal in all 50 500 is $69 and 750 is $89 each bottle will last 2-3 months have questions?


  1. I am on my third bottle of this..I love it

  2. you're video is AMAZING!! So many people need to see this. thank you ♥

  3. 750 is 89 not 69./ I liked and shared.. Hempwork did do anything for my arthritis in my knees .

  4. Love #HempWorx I'm an affiliate too! There is nothing better out there.

  5. If you'd like to know more about Hempworx CBD Oil please add my new group on Facebook that I recently created and feel free to post, ask any questions and invite anyone to the group who you think would benefit and/or be interested in this wonderful product. I also have my own website link in the info/about section in my group. Feel free to explore my website and check out our products. They really do work very well. My Facebook group name is Hempworx Pure CBD Oil. Please help me grow my group 🙂

  6. Hello I have purchased this recently still waiting on it to get to me, how much do you take per dose? I suffer from very intense anxiety, social anxiety & panic attacks mainly in social events? So I wanted to get some advice on dosage?

  7. Hi Amanda! I'm watching this from Semmes, Alabama. Thank you for the informative information, I would certainly like to try it when I can. 😀👍 Have a great day and be blessed. 👼

  8. Does this have peppermint flavour

  9. Hi Amanda I think 750 mg amount to 7.5% CBD oil. Which is great but not 100% pure. I glad it's helped you. Big love from the UK.

  10. Are you still doing the contest by chance? My 5 yr old son needs this very badly. He is in kindergarten and has very bad behavior and is very hyperactive. I'm just afraid to buy it and not know if it will truly work. I'm wanting to try it out first to make sure before spending money on it. I'm also needing this for myself as well. I have chronic back pain due to 2 buldging disks in my spine along with a pinched sciatic nerve that affects my back and legs if I move or sit the wrong way. We both could definetly benefit from this greatly!!

  11. CBD is illegal in Indiana just wanted to share.

  12. Has anyone won the contest yet?

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