Will CBD oil show up on a test ? LIVE TEST

Okay so I start CBD oil and I wanted to see if it would show up on a drug test cause some people had told me it would. I wanted to debunk this by trying a drug …


  1. Also why does it fucking matter? If your doing a drug test at work just order synthetic pee dumb fuck

  2. Are fucking stupid? Cbd is legal completely legal fucking dumbass

  3. does it bother anyone else that she keeps saying supposiBly? lol

  4. A faint line is not valid as a negative. The line has to be bold like the first one. It says it on the packaging. Omg do people read or just assume they now what they talking about?

  5. Yup im not doing that shit lose my job for that shit not worth it

  6. I think drug tests test for thc not cbd.

  7. Yes it will. I bought a bottle of CBD. Hemp oil… not real stuff. Anyway, if you take high doses it will show up. I failed a piss test after taking CBD for 3 weeks.

  8. I only saw one line. its positive.

  9. should definitely try full spectrum CBD oil, the vape stuff is very sub par and dosnt work as well, degrades when you vape and prob from hep seeds witch is almost no cbd! check out the USA grown CBD products here http://www.HempWorx.com/JeffCBD

  10. Hey!! GREAT VIDEO!!! My company has CBD Vape with absolutely zero THC! Would love to hook you up with some for a video review!!! Cheers!

  11. Yeahh because I'm getting drug tested soon

  12. Ha ha one line = positive cbd oil is negative but u are possible on some other thc! That’s s result

  13. Please talk to the fking point & talk less to make more sense please ty

  14. Thanks for sharing this. CBD should be legal and be taken seriously as medicine. It helped me walk after some horrible inflammation in my ankle. I went to the doctor for it, I won't be able to see a rheumatologist for 3 months – and my main doctor prescribed me a bunch of pain killers because I appear young and not in pain. Pain killers make my face swell and my eyes all bloodshotted. CBD is much better medically, and I wish the government would stop lying to people who need pain relief. They want us hooked on opioids to fund their war on opioid addiction – yet they're out there paying doctors to create new addicts. Not only that, but CBD helps fight off cancer cells and aids in anxiety and sleep. This compared to using the Benzos or Opiods, and when you're cut off, you're on the street trying to find something just to relieve pain.

  15. U vaped so much CBD that you're seeing double

  16. Shouldn't be admissable since it's LEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES ! They are going to have to change their drug testing to the changing wellness of our future ! Time for the brainwashed prohibitionist, reefer madness minded to wake up to the truth , CBD is good for us all , but CBD and THC are even a better daily Health and happiness mood enhacing medicinal herb, not drug ! Drugs have O.D.L's, cannabis does not because you can't overdose on cannabis, Do your research and you'll find the truth, Not the bullshit govt. Prohibition propaganda telling us weed is bad, we we're all lied to for over the past 70 years so the polyester industry could dominate the market and create something Illegal and bad out of something great that GOD gave us to use to feed our Endocannabinoid system for healthier bodies and minds ! It's a crime against GOD to outlaw what he created, Man should be ashamed, especially Harry Anslinger 💩may he burn for Infinity !

  17. So I just wanted to post this comment because in your video it does appear to be only one line which would indicate a positive result. However I've been using the same CBD oil for 3 days and I just had an instant drug screen today. It came back negative. So anybody that's thinking of using hemp bombs Vape CBD which uses pure CBD isolate you should be good to go on any drug test.

  18. For the record, klonapin is the least addictive of the benzo family. I’ve seen some MDs say it’s almost doesn’t count as a benzo because it’s so much less addicting.

  19. Not saying you were and sorry I'm not trying to be mean here. But remember cbd as long as it's extracted from hemp is legal. Try the blueberry jam flavor. My favorite so far. The best thing about cbd oil is it won't get you high.

  20. Here's the facts. Cbd is legal and not psychoactive like thc. However you gotta avoid marijuana cbd as it contains thc. Now hemp cbd, and people if you don't understand the difference between pot and hemp, then look it up, does contain a low trace of thc. .03% thc is contained in industrial hemp. Hemp cbd oil is extracted from hemp stalks. I know that full spectrum hemp bombs, flavor doesn't matter, might contain a very low dose of thc. So what. To get high from the trace of thc in hemp, one must drink at least 10 gallons of cbd oil. That would cause other bodily problems way before you would feel any thc affects. Point is if you only use hemp bombs full spectrum cbd oil, your fine. It's legal. The fact is the only way you would fail a drug test would be to drink 10 gallons of it.

  21. That's what you get for buying a dollar tree stupid drug test. Sorry not trying to make fun of you. You use hemp bombs. The watermelon kush flavor sucks. Columbian coffee is much better. But the point here is this cbd oil comes from hemp not pot. I use the same stuff and I'm clean. Now smoke some weed you'll flunk a drug test. Use hemp bombs cbd oil, gummies, etc. That is 100% legal. So why are you trying to drug test yourself? Now if you smoke thc pot. Then you should be worried. If not then your fine. Lol what a paranoid person.

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