Why CBD Helped Me Lose More Weight ♡

CBD has helped me heal my body in many ways, but one of the most outwardly noticeable changes is my weight loss. Part of the weight loss was on my own …


  1. I love the CW CBD oil. I think I’m the only person who feels “high” when I take it. Lol. It also gives me munchies; So I only take it right before bed, and then I get amazing sleep!

  2. I would be interested in a what I eat in a day video! ( if you don't already have one) (just started following you!)

  3. I'm 5'0 and I'm 160 pounds. I was 145 that was perfect for me but I started to stress eat when I had my miscarriage back in March 2018 I have really bad anxiety and depression because of it. I have tired cbd oil but just a low dose I want to try a higher dose and see if that helps better.

  4. You might add your affiliate link to this video. I watched your first video on the 60 day experience and used that link and was about to buy and decided to look at more of your videos/subscribe and see you now benefit from viewer purchases. I will look at your other video that you did between that first one and this one to see if I can find that affiliate link and go from there. Thank you for sharing, I can relate to everything you have mentioned and sounds like we have the same height/weight goals/issues.

  5. Aloha Megan, how's it going? Look forward to seeing you again in Hilo soon…great video about CBD use, good info. 🙂 – Ed Bisquera

  6. Thank you for your CBD videos. I’ve been researching and reading a lot about CBD and it’s hard to know what to take, how much and what brand.

  7. So are u back in Hawaii? I follow u & raw alignment (Alyse) on here, & know she was unhappy with the vog there…thought maybe if yall lived in Kona on the dry side where it supposedly hardly rains, maybe you wouldn't have moved…or Kahala or Maui….if ur retreat is only centered in Hilo where there is tons of rain, that's prob not great idea, otherwise retreat sounds fun if going all over big island….

  8. This video is so insightful! Thank you for sharing with us!!

  9. What if I'm already subscribed from the last giveaway? Am I still entered?

  10. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  11. That's a memory I'll have for life, 3 weeks after, I wanted to stay, it's Beautiful

  12. What time of day did you take the oil? And how many txs a day? Thank you ?

  13. woohoo!!! Entered!! Wish i could come to hawaii in october :(((( <3

  14. Megan, I searched above for your affiliate link to no avail! I’ve looked for this strain ( Charlottes web) forever!

  15. Thank you for sharing I have been looking for CBD oil to use as an aid to treat Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune issues I am dealing with. When I first became Vegan I did it healthfully with a Whole Foods diet. After years of stress and autoimmune issues I gained a LOT of weight. My prescription for myself is to build a body, mind and spirit support system by reprogramming the unhealthy habits I fell into the last 3 years. After I am in better shape I would love to be able to participate in one of your retreats.

  16. I think you look better with a little weight on you. Younger and cuter and glowier etc

  17. I understand wanting to feel comfortable and familiar in your body, but why the focus on numbers? Were you monitoring your weight? I never ever ever weigh myself, because I feel like it doesn't matter, it's just an arbitrary number that fluctuates throughout the day. I would never recommend weighing oneself or counting calories (unless you're recovering from an ED and need to eat to a certain threshold) because numbers can get very regimented, and in my experience, stress inducing. Just a thought. Also btw, I'm a huge supporter of focusing on reducing stress and mental health wellness, and love your channel in general! I'm just confused about the number-focus in this particular video.

  18. Oh please tell me where you bought your top? Yes, I have asked before…We have extreme similar taste in clothes:)

  19. Hey I think they stole your idea.

  20. Out of curiosity how long does it take you to go through one bottle of cbd oil. I am taking ashwaganda right now and it has been working pretty well for my anxiety and depression, but it leaves me just a little sleepy- not as bad as Kava which left me loopy, lol, but still I can notice it. I was thinking of maybe trying the cbd oil, but cost may be the deal breaker.

  21. I so want to try this, all my weight is in my mid section caused from stress, I lost weight back in 2009 and gained some back and it's been harder to get it off this time and I am older now too…lol..lol..Thanks for the give away!

  22. Meghan this sounds great …love all that you do for community.

  23. thank you such a helpful and encouraging video.

  24. I’m actually already going to be in Hawaii this October, getting married! Otherwise I totally would apply for your experience.

  25. I mean, I’m 5’2 and a normal healthy weight for me can be anywhere between 110 and 140 so being 140lbs at 5’6 isn’t at all unhealthy. Just for people watching this that are feeling triggered 🙂 if you’re 140 and 5’6 you are NOT OVERWEIGHT.

  26. What’s your regular exercise routine?

  27. Wow, I would really love to be able to try this product. I have had a lot of trouble maintaining my health after my pregnancy due to stress from my daughter’s medical condition. She was born with several Congenital Heart Defects and has had to have two open heart surgeries and a heart cath procedure in her first 5 months of life. She’s now 9 months and I’m starting to worry about my own health and weight after gaining 20 lbs after my pregnancy. I want to raise her with a healthy lifestyle so that she has the best chance at maintaining her health and heart defects but if I continue down the standard stressed out American diet I’m afraid that won’t happen. It’s just been difficult to focus on myself when I’ve been worried about my daughter. Anyway, I would love to try this product. Thank you for this video!!

    Ps. Glad to see you and Joey B back together. I’ve been a long time subscriber and you two definitely have a real connection. Wish you the best ?

  28. Do you take it before bed? How long before bed? How much? 🙂

  29. Thank you Megan, thank you so much, this might be the answer! Have you tried the advanced, and did you feel any differently between that and the plus that you take? Abundant blessing!

  30. I would love to be the winner of this. I also have adrenal fatigue really bad and just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism which I refuse to take Synthroid but looking in to a more natural way to help. I'm looking into iodine and selenium. But I know by watching a lot of videos that the adrenal glands effects a lot of other stuff in your body and can cause them to go hay wire.
    Just need to figure out how to do the other thing I have to do to be put on the giveaway list, already a subscriber so that's a good thing.
    Thank you for the info and hopefully I can get signed up and hopefully be one of the winners to try this and hopefully I will be able to start loosing some weight and you are correct, most of mine is around my mid section. I literally look 9 months pregnant most of the time and normally eat once a day. So thank you for this video and god bless.?

  31. I’m on my begging journey of researching cbd oil, your videos have been very informative. What are your thoughts on lithium Orotate? Do you have any videos on it?

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