What You Should Know Before You Buy CBD Oil

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  1. What could be the side effect to med. one may take like blood press, blood thinner and med like this with CBD OIL ?

  2. It's labled food supplement though it's not, it's healing substance so it doesn't mean health nutritionists need to review it. Also cbd oil is fake version of Rick Simpson oil. It doesn't get you high then it doesn't treat cancer. Thc is cancer healer not cbd, cbd only treats hormonal cancers like breast cancer.

  3. How is the CBD concentrate in the syringes different from the actual CBD drops? How many drops would equal the "grain of rice" size that you recommend, specifically for insomnia? I gather that the drops have lower efficacy? I have ordered the drops, but I so desperately need help with my insomnia that if the drops don't work I'm willing to try the concentrate. I've had insomnia for over 30 years. If I need to buy the gold concentrate I'll do it.

  4. I'm in Oregon and CBD n THC products are abundant. I'm fond of both. CBD may not be a cure all but it's the closest thing to it.

  5. Hello i have a question is there a difference from cbd oil from marijuana versus cbd oil from hemp ? Ive herd there is a big difference? As far as potency

  6. Hi Catherine,How do we get the messenge about CBD to the public,seems they do not even know about It.BTW,you have a warm smile.Thanks Catherine.☺️

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