What To Do If Your Group Gets Captured + News Cycle – Nationalism – CBD Oil

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  1. Answering These Live In Video:

    TechKnowHD 1 hour ago channelytics 1 Subscribers

    hey man you think trump is controlled opposition? I've heard that
    also. heard also Alex jones is controlled opposition. Jw why do you
    think trump is? Also have you heard about Qanon? do you believe Qanon
    is controlled opposition also?

    Jason Panetti 1 hour ago

    @Fullspectrumsurvival I appreciate your videos brother. I feel like
    you take prepping and survival very seriously and that you care about
    others and their ability survive and defend themselves as well. I
    appreciate the other info on products you use and politics /current
    events as well. Matter of fact since your video on the metal plates
    with the cancer warning I checked my mess kit and guess what I found
    online… "warming: this product contains chemicals….etc…". Such
    bullshit to sell something used for cooking /eating that's made like
    that. Anyway thank you brother, God bless you and your family and I
    look forward to more great videos in the future. Be safe.

    Iamnota Mushroom 4 hours ago

    the founding fathers are rolling over in their graves. so….. my
    question is how can we truly win this fight and stop these people?
    this has been going on for a long time.

    ozark adventures 30 minutes ago

    Today Missouri became the first state to regulate the production word
    "meat". ACLU and soy farmers(unions) are up in arms.

    Aron Fairchild 1 hour ago

    For your show tonight:

    I have 2 boys ages 12 & 13. And I’ve been actively planning to move
    out of California since May 2015. At what age do you think, it’s just
    to difficult for your children to move? Their friends, relatives,
    favorite places, etc.

    Tina Rowland 24 minutes ago

    Do you have to clean the inside of mylar bags before using for long
    term food storage?

    workingmansdead 44 4 hours ago

    what do you think is more important,,,skills or stuff?

    Jennifer Schmitz 1 hour ago

    What is your recipe for yellow rice? Please and thanks.

    TXP00nTapper77 36 minutes ago

    My solar panels will be installed soon!

    Steve Linbergbaby 2 hours ago

    1 ? Brad – what do you think, or know about CBD oil? Thx

    jim187187 5 hours ago channelytics 10 Subscribers

    What are your thoughts on permaculture?

    the last European 4 hours ago

    Could you recommend some simple and budget friendly equipment, for
    people living in cheap apartments that want to increase security?

    Nicholas Peter 3 hours ago channelytics 62 Subscribers

    Are you open to being interviewed by Dan Dicks of Press For Truth and
    Luke Radowski/Jason Bermas of We Are Change?? Your message and mindset
    would be awesome there.

    Tyrel Schroeter 4 hours ago

    Has your family ever considered the possibility of moving to another
    country in the future if the USA proves to keep diving far under the
    standard of it's current potential quality of life? I'm not trying to
    say a countries culture, politics, resources… are the only
    determining factors of quality of life. I wish i could have more
    responsibility and control over my life, but it's ignorant to think
    that there isn't far more powerful factors than myself.

    Robert Vopelak 3 hours ago channelytics 2 Subscribers

    I live in North Dakota planning my bug out plan to Montana after
    practicing for it I realized that the mountains of Montana are to far
    15 hour drive.

    The Area here is flat and rolling hills no where to go no woods mostly
    open land as far as the eye can see. The only thing here is not many

    But then no where to hide. The bad land areas are very muddy when wet
    and hills slide when wet. Any suggestions will be appreciated

    Matt Nolte 1 hour ago

    Hey there from Minnesota, just wondering curious about what you would
    do in a situation where there was a long term grid down event and your
    power storage such as your battery bank for solar or wind was degraded
    or destroyed. Just got to thinking about it the other day your
    thoughts and comments will be greatly appreciated. I know the rest of
    the system would still provide power but if you cannot store it it
    becomes extremely limited. Thanks again and I love the channel and
    everything yall do to help others become more aware and teach.

    Christopher Fairfield 3 hours ago

    I would Also like to Know your thoughts on Precious metals…..Like
    gold and silver…Consider their could be a big collapse just around
    the corner, And that are money is now FIAT money and the world runs of
    it for the most part….IF the US DOLLAR fails, IMO the world markets
    will fail.

    EL Cid 51 4 hours ago

    If 2 different nukes are set of at the same height. The first is a
    very low yield and the second is the highest hield. Will they both set
    of the same amount of damage? Electronic's

    Zarua 1 hour ago channelytics 261 Subscribers

    Question: What is your opinion on booster shots? Is a booster tetnis
    shot after 10 years worth the risk of side effects, and if not what
    could be done which would be to prevent such occurrence?

    Seth Wolfe 3 hours ago

    FullSpectrumSurvival I live in St Lucie County south Florida closer to
    the coast and I see how Florida can be a trap with the population
    growth I lived here my entire life. I've been wanting to move up
    towards Northern Florida. Especially since everything has been
    destroyed down here Breaking My Heart. I pay attention to the
    elevations on the dolls trucker map that I have. I've been wanting to
    check out the mountains and find more natural areas to live in without
    destroying and clearing like they do everywhere just to build a house
    that is non sufficient typically that's what I see

    Dwight Hitchens 1 hour ago

    A question for you. When you decided to relocate from Florida, what
    made you decide to look to the area you ended up moving to. Did you
    read/use Strategic Relocation by Joel M Skousen for example. I’d be
    interested in your thought process evaluating what part of the country
    to relocate to. Thanks and always keep up the good work.

    Jacob Salvia 4 hours ago

    I'm looking at 3d concrete printing of a house. Rebar, and other iron
    based reinforcement, rusts and degrades the integrity of the concrete.
    Have you heard of other alternatives? I've seen some articles on poly
    fibers, which would last, but no real data on the additional
    structural support they give.

    Keith 4 hours ago

    What are your thoughts on the situation right now on Idlib and how
    there are reports from Russian intelligence saying the rebels have
    chemicals weapons moved in and the U.S. saying that they are prepared
    for the Assad regime to use chemical weapons?

    jay westfall 1 hour ago

    Hi Brad! Love these live feeds and what you do here! My wife and I are
    planning on homesteading and looking at the u.p. Michigan. Cheap land,
    beautiful abundant wildlife, and quick jump to Canada if need be.
    Michigan has been headlining high levels of pfas in the water.
    Especially Kalamazoo and parchment. Even found in lakes and we'll
    water. I know the globe is contaminated with pfas but is Michigan any
    better or worse that you are aware of?

    treehead 3 hours ago channelytics 6 Subscribers

    Hello – I like your channel and thanks for the informative videos! I
    have a question that you may not want to touch for fear of being
    labelled a "kook" simply for addressing it but, as crazy as this may
    sound, given all of the recent uptick in bizarre weather, rare large
    earthquakes, volcanism etc., do you believe the possibility that there
    may be a planetary object(s) within our inner solar system that may be
    causing all of these weather anomalies? Channels like WSO and jeff P
    seem to be uploading some compelling videos on the subject with their
    sources being satellite imagery, world govt. skycams etc – any

    Titan 7 4 hours ago channelytics 1 Subscribers

    South Africa is telling 300, 000 gun owners to turn In their guns.
    With the government stealing the land of the white farmers, I see the
    situation quickly devolving into civil war.


    The US Government has anti trust laws to prevent such companies as
    AT&T, Google and others. But the Corporate United States is not going
    to do anything that affects their kickbacks and trips to exotic lands
    to molest the local children.

    How long do think before the government tries to force the micro chips on us.

    Read more

    Cecil Drake 4 hours ago channelytics 89 Subscribers

    What are your thought on ethnonationalism, specifically White
    Nationalism and it's implications in the survival community? How do
    you think a community of people who are survivalists who are also
    ethnically homogenous would differ from one that is not?

    Crash Light 3 hours ago channelytics 808 Subscribers

    If you had to pick one animal to raise for food and three things to
    garden what would they be?

    John Houchin 4 hours ago

    Preface question. I'm an Anarchists anti statists. If civil war would
    come, do u think it possible for an individual to stay clear. I'm in
    disagreement with all political sides. I am only personally

    Thank you for each and every question! We are honored to get each one,
    the simple, the hard ones, and the thank-you's!

    Steve Linbergbaby 2 hours ago

    Infringement on the 1rst Amendment ?

    FULLSPECTRUMSURVIVAL: And it is happening more and more!


    Luke Bogacik 1 hour ago

    Listen,,, know your neighbors!

    Love your local area,

    Learn what to eat.


    FULLSPECTRUMSURVIVAL: Yes Luke – Absolutely!!!!


    Bradley Henderson 4 hours ago (edited)

    You could pretty easily say that Google (Alphabet) is a threat to
    freedom, and our republic.

    FULLSPECTRUMSURVIVAL: Yes, anytime a corporation (government ran or
    otherwise) controls information, they control the minds of the society
    that uses them)


    Anna Lea Brown 4 hours ago channelytics 2 Subscribers

    Please research the repeali

  2. i dont get this mind set of treating the big city like it's this scary thing you'd rather not have to deal with. and yes we do have tribal mentalities, it is am imperfect aspect of our primal selves we should overcome as civilized people instead of finding more ways to draw a line in the sand.

  3. Thanks as always for your hard work and diligence!Love from northern Minnesota!

  4. Game theory is necessary. You won’t have time to work this all out when it’s happening. Can’t take time for votes and arguments and sentimentality. Have to know these things ahead of time and make it a mechanical action that happens once the contingency is triggered. Like pulling levers.

  5. The Russian and Chinese military exercises are just theater. Not only has Russia been fighting against the cabal for centuries but the weapons we see in the public sector are just low level old technology like ours and chinas public weapons. We all have secret space program weapons platforms that are 100 years ahead of what we know about and use totally different physics than what is taught in academia. Cavitation technologies that allow torpedoes and submersible vehicles to travel up to 800 mph underwater , electrogravtics, torsion drives and torsion weapons, laser platforms, Gauss rifles and rail guns, satellite based platforms like the rods of god (giant titanium rods the size of telephone poles and some larger dropped from space) laser platforms that can track, aim and fire a pulsed beam through the Amygdala of each person and can fire on thousands of people per minute. Smart suits and drone tech that uses swarm logic like in Enders game etc., clones manned satellites and aircraft carriers like in “the winter soldier” but use mass cancelling tech and electrogravitics. that’s not even getting into the really really high secret space program technology. That’s just the more earth based stuff. You people have no idea how far we’ve come in the last 70 years since paperclip and hundreds and hundreds of crash retrieval’s and joint programs with friends from out of town after the Germans infiltrated us and have been a major controlling head of the multi headed hydra like cabal.

  6. Missed it by a whole day. Woops. Enjoyed it all the same

  7. If they capture you, just meditate to Gaia. Your love for mother earth will save you…Lol.

  8. It’s amazing how many toothpaste brands have titanium dioxide in them. Crest is the worst about it.

  9. Thanks for answering my question about your thoughts on permaculture! Somewhere along my path through life, I started to seek answers to problems I saw. After researching various "conspiracies," revealing a larger picture of the ways of the world and the problems that exist, I decided that self-preservation would allow the time to find better solutions. This is where I began to combine my love of the wilderness with studying and practicing, "survival situations." (I found your "News in 2 minutes" around that time and have been watching much of what you've posted since.) I quickly came to the conclusion that learning, practicing, and sharing survival techniques not only would help in a survival situation, but would also prevent one before it happened. (I also started watching alot of survivalists, including dave canterbury, on youtube at the time. Dave at one point shared a youtubers channel, jnull0, and largely by watching him I was inspired to learn about homesteading.) Homesteading, from my perspective, is a step beyond survival, in the field of problem prevention. We rely less on those who abuse our combined power, giving them less energy and giving ourselves more, in an effort to make a change for the better for our futures. We recently finally moved from the suburbs to a more rural home and while doing research on the plans we have, I came across permaculture. It takes all of these things I have been considering into account another step further. Not just the gardening aspect, but the social aspect, and more importantly the all-around problem solving/prevention aspect are addressed in the idea of permaculture. If you're interested and haven't seen it already, search on YT for, Bill Mollison permaculture design course. It's so empowering to have this kind of info, that I feel guilty not recommending it to this community, of which I am grateful for being part of my own personal path.

  10. Thx Brad and Kelly for answering my question. Sorry I was not that clear but I meant when do u think kids are too old to leave there surroundings? But u both answered it anyway. Just leave!! I will ask a better question next week ?Enjoy ur show BIG TIME

  11. Was recently reading about drying foods in your vehicle during summer.

  12. Thanks for the video. Thanks for addressing my comment. Missed the live show.

  13. Thank you for information on mylar bags. I had been seeking that information for a while. Glad to know I was doing it correctly. Love your live chats.

  14. The No.Dakota viewer should jump on the train to White Fish, Montana. Drops you in the thick of it and you can get right to it by foot ! Fast trip on train to boot.

  15. Aahhh I missed the live chat AGAIN :/
    Thanks Brad and Kelly for your work.

  16. Thanks Brad!! – Some good advice there!!

  17. England reported what ? Video not working

  18. It was great to hear you live well sort of ha sorry I missed it. DMSO works great at healing I use 50% DMSO to 50% water in a spay bottle and spay it on any problem area you have to heal it rubbing cocnut oil on your skin before spaying will stop any dryness of the skin with continued use. I spayed dmso in my eyes for five days morning and night. Its harmless stuff to test it before giving it to my father how had a stroke and has a numb hand. Colloidal silver kills all none viruses and diseases none to man. Also you can heal people of AIDS TB HIV by drinking two glasses of water with colloidal silver in it and put a 12vt magnet on the rist for half an hour sends elections throw your blood because of the colloidal silver in the water and kills all none viruses and diseases none to man. I also talk half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water morning and night. Our life expectancy is 200 to 250 years long. You are just not told. Vitamin C morning and night removes all fat from your artery walls and repairs them as well. Heads up and if you burn bay leaves the smoke takes away all feelings of unhappiness and sadness. So dose DMSO as well as heals your eyes and back neck knees hips anything you spray it on scratchs and cuts heal like it never happened. Colloidal silver also heals burns over night. Thank you for posting take care stay safe keep up the great work. I am working with a person who has bipoler and one how is scientific bipoler person complete change much nicer than before the scientific needs more time but still shows improvement. More time needed to see how things go before I can give an accurate results. Owe and the one thing that removes all sickness and illness from your body is calcium hypochlorite 70% blend 0 point capsules fill them up take one everyday for good health.

  19. Captured? By whom? Zee germans?!

  20. They won't capture you.
    They will put a bullet in your head, take your boots, clothes and gear.

    People won't capture you when they are desperate, they don't think.


  22. Missed the show. Watching now. My Guess will be Winter is comming and i live in the Northeast, so if the power will to go that would take out Alot of people, It gets Cold and Almost Every home is oil/gas or electric, No Delivery No Heat..Stay Vigilant . Peace and Prayers Brad and Family.

  23. I never get on live chat poop

  24. Sorry, I missed it since YouTube didn't show your channel Live the couple times I checked at the start. I'll watch it now! Thanks!

  25. In the event of a national desaster the government will abandon the elderly and sick if they are young and can be a benafit to sociaty they will take them .by leveing the old and sick and week they lesson the workload and thin the population

  26. Shout out from Arizona appreciate you guys. We get a lot of good information from you guys it really helps. Thanks again

  27. Giving you a shout-out from Arizona brother I don't know if you got my message but I couldn't see the show because I was having problems with the internet again I do apologize

  28. I was wondering if you could find out what the pioneers made turns out they can last for up to months and it would be a good thing to make at the world ends

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