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  1. With hemp CBD, does hemp have a full spectrum of ingredients in the cannabinoid system?

  2. Hemp is Cannabis. Stop confusing people.

  3. Could be coming form China Or Canada?? I am in Canada and ordered from Organigram. Are you insinuating that drugs and foods are not tested in Canada? Should I be ordering from the USA??

  4. I love Verified CBD, but I like to have about 3-9% THC in the strain for sleep and pain;Verified is an amazing Indica strain for that in flower or a 15:1 vape cart or concentrate.If you smoke or vape just a little you will notice a very minor body high, I mean subtle with no anxiety at all ( I’m prone to paranoia), if you smoke or vape a little more the high is a little more noticeable without being too much. After about 30 minutes any minor psychoactive effects have melted away and you are left feeling relaxed, anxiety gone and pain is gone leaving me with a warm relaxed sensation, yet still sober. Awesome strain I’d love to see more of, I’m looking for seeds. Another good option with zero psychoactive effects that is a Sativa hybrid between Harlequin (Sativa-daytime uplifting) crossed with Tsunami (Hybrid strain) is called Harle Tsu; I can vape this during the day, my vape cart only has .3% THC/CBD 63% so it won’t get you high but it really helped with anxiety and mild to moderate pain. It works -I live in a legal medical and recreational state.https://goo.gl/69wGXz/

  5. Great short video …
    Here's a few of my recommendations:
    ReceptraNaturals: http://receptranaturals.com/r/GoldNuntius/
    CBDPure: http://www.cbdpure.com?AFFID=336802

  6. MD's don't cure or understand anything, this video proves it..

  7. The most purest and potent on the market http://www.hempworxglobal.com, non gmo, organic and legal in all 50 states

  8. My Industrial hemp is sourced in Kentucky from the ONLY FDA approved facility in the U.S. and whole plant/full spectrum sativa. I do agree with your points IF you were in reference to a foreign hemp oil that is an isolate, but it is irrelevant to what I sell and use daily. My oil does have the entourage effect and absolutely everything just as CBD from Marijuana except, the THC obviously below .03%. I did find value and appreciation is this step toward bringing awareness to the fact that NO OIL IS CREATED EQUALLY and you should demand to see documentation/certificates of analysis when researching to purchase an oil. Thanks again and have a blessed night xoxo #yourCBDgal

  9. So Ruderalis has no terpenes? Some Cannabis strain now have under 1% THC in them, like Hemp.

  10. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil online? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and i’m pissed.

  11. This idiot doesn't know! Hey pal : any hemp CBD i buy is made in USA, tested in USA an sold in USA ! Just cause you hold a medical degree does not make you any smarter than the normal every day citizen! You just another idiot with a piece of paper that says your name an your profession. Congrats you wasted X amount of years to get a piece of paper with your name on it!

  12. so when you plant this canabis plant family,
    are marijuana seeds different from hemp seeds or are they one seed and how you grow them makes the difference of a grown plant and determine if it is a hemp or marijuana?
    and if hemp has low thc,
    which they say thc is a psychoactive chemicals that affects the brain.
    and marijuana is the one that has high thc.
    so then why hemp is declared illegal too, when it is a plant of different use and purpose. why is it hard for people to understand the difference.
    i read that there are 25,000 uses of this hemp plant and it is biodegradable environment friendly and it could even replace petrolium base ingredient which is a hazard and pollutant.?
    and it can be grown locally and one of the fastest growing plant..?
    i could not understand why, please enlighthen me. is there something
    wrong with the system or is it just me?

  13. How can a person get quality Cannabis oil from a registered producer?

  14. This video will confuse people. It is very simple. Like Alexandra said, it is the Cannabis Plant, and when referring to the Cannabis Sativa plant, it is dependent on how it's grown which makes the difference between hemp and marijuana. Hemp is low THC (.3% or lower), and marijuana is anything above .3%. So the difference is how it is grown. But there is no such thing as Hemp vs. Cannabis because Hemp IS Cannabis Sativa with low THC. The comparison should be Hemp vs. Marijuana, or Hemp Seed Oil vs. whole hemp plant oil extracts. This video's comparison is misleading and confusing those who are trying to learn more about this topic.

  15. They are all the same plant and it's called cannabis. The male hemp plant is the one with less TCH and is being referred to here as simply a hemp plant. The female cannabis plant has more THC and is being referred to here as simply a cannabis plant. They are both cannabis plant, one cannabis as male , the other cannabis as female. Industrial hemp is the one being referred to here as hemp. But both are cannabis plants. I know it sounds confusing but it's true.YOu can read about this here: https://www.medicaljane.com/2015/01/14/the-differences-between-hemp-and-cannabis/

  16. Thanks for helping to explain this Dr. Solomon. One point of clarity; hemp is Cannabis and 'Marijuana' is Cannabis. As you stated, the only difference is a legal one. That is, hemp contains less than 0.3% THC. Most hemp strains around the world were developed for fiber and seed thus lack in complimentary compounds like terpenoid and flavonoids profiles, which provide the 'entourage' effect you mentioned. Biologically, these complimentary compounds increase the absorption rate of CBD and may enhance therapeutic effects. One important fact to consider is that some US based hemp breeders have developed CBD rich strains that do, in fact, contain the full spectrum of these beneficial compounds. In essence they have bred the THC out of CBD rich 'marijuana' strains and now have hemp strains with the full compliment. The regions pioneering these breeding programs are in Oregon and Colorado but I imagine this will spread rapidly throughout the US and beyond within the next few years.

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