What is a “full spectrum” CBD oil?

You can buy CBD Hemp Oil from these reputable suppliers: BlueBird Botanicals: https://cbdschool.com/bluebird-cbd NuLeaf Naturals: …


  1. I don't think she's asking for the reasons you think. some companies sell a a hemp full spectrum extract. And they don't mention the word CBD. So my question is… if it's full spectrum, is it possible to NOT have CBD oil in it. Theres a lot of debate as to whether or not Amazon is selling CBD oil without knowing.

  2. Cbd helps me communicate better with aliens

  3. THANK YOU !!! I’m looking for good CBD OIL – my son has CROHNS – he needs medicine ( cannabis ) any suggestions

  4. He also lost his job a very good job!

  5. My best friend took full spectrum! He tested positive for marijuana! So be very careful!

  6. A full spectrum oil will contain CBG, CBC, not just CBD.

  7. New Subbie! I found you by accident. I don’t partake, BUUUUT, you piqued my interest and curiosity. You’re an excellent Educator!!! I love your content. ??

  8. Is full spectrum/full plant a higher concentration of CBD?

  9. Thanks! I have suffered from chronic pain and depression since 2006. Why do my doctors not prescribe CBD when other medicines are not very effective and damaging my health? If a woman can sue for a million when burning a lips with hot-coffee at McDonalds, why not sue the pharma-industry for 12 years of pain? WTF! These videos where not around a year ago or they were blocked? (See posting date and the amount of views)! …. I assume I will be murdered for stating this? … but I will get it now for sure and be back actively again in normal life! 🙂

  10. I give up on cbd oil. My sleep hasn't got any better

  11. When I vape the Cbd full spectrum is it supposed to have a harsh burnt taste ?is that normal?it gives me like raw throat

  12. How can I make home made CBD oil ?

  13. What are your thoughts and opinions on the brand Pinnacle?

  14. Okay so my question is that I have been told to take a dropper full of the brand of cbd oil that I have, Btw I have a 50omg full spectrum cbd oil . Is that to much to be taking in your opinion?

  15. I have read that the Natural CBD Isolate extract is better than the plant based Full Spectrum CBD as the full spectrum will still have traces of THC where as the Natural CBD Isolate does not. Is this correct?

  16. Do you recommend any full spectrum sellers?

  17. so are you saying the nuleafnaturals are full plant extracts? I'm trying to purchase the best product. Since you recommend it, have you seen the lab reports? the other cannabanoids?

  18. first time user. I will be taking the oil for anxiety, I have to take drug tests regularly for employment (bus driver) will I pass a drug test taking the oils? what would you recommend

  19. OMG this is to overwhelming….I just started trying to figure out this options for my chronic pain everyday all day pain. Pleeaassee tell me (from your experience) which company to buy from to get the best results for pain. I ordered and just started taking HRMPWORX 750 with only 0.6 ml . PCR Hemp (seed) oil. I need all the help I can get….need to get of pain meds

  20. Hempworx has the best and Purest Full Plant Extract CBD Oil. Very inexpensive. visit: http://www.mydailychoice.com/worldmdc click on hempworx to order and check out products. They also have a lab report.

  21. Still handsome? great video!

  22. only a light can have full spectrum to grow the pant faster and you can add turcois to the extract

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