What is a “dropper full” of CBD oil?

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  1. I have some medicine here saying to get 1 dropperfull and it sais 1 ml as if 1ml is a dropperfull… is it? the midle of the pipet is 0.5ml and then 1.0ml, it's kind of a huge pipet which makes me confused, could it be only 1ml in a full pipet?

  2. I am taking this awesome Isolate CBD oil, from http://www.ataraxiadrops.com is a FOOD GRADE product, has Zero THC. They actually show you a Certificate of Analysis of each bottle produced in their website where you can be 100% sure what you are taking.. try it, it works, this is the real deal !

  3. Have appreciated and enjoyed all of your videos, so much to learn. I take .5 mls 3 X a day, once upon rising, once at bedtime, and once midway between. Mine is 1/1, CBD and THC, and it manages my arthritic and bursitis pain nicely.

  4. What if you can't get the whole dropper full ?

  5. Thank you so much. I just receive my cbd oil and am about to take it for anxiety.

  6. Cheers for this iv literally started to take this today an I was wondering how much do I take.. it states 2 drops twice daily. Yet I took as you showed a full dropper! Hmmm! Anyways all is good. ? #StayBlessed n #AtYourBest

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  8. Thanks its all so clear now,and hopefully I get to actually feel the effects =P

  9. Would CBD be good for Multiple Sclerosis? I was diagnosed 5 mths ago at age 44(male). They found it by me having optic neuritis. Blurred vision and the eye not reacting the way it should. Any info will be appreciated.

  10. I just ordered my first cbd from CBD Distillary.  It's labeled 1000mg 15 ml… I asked the vendor what it meant, and although i got a quick answer, i don't think that my question connected with them… Can you please tell me what the two values represent, and if I want to try 15ml of cbd, how can i regulate that amount using a dropper?

  11. awesome info!!, very new to this, ( from Canada) and got some quality CBD Oil, with a doc prescript, bottle is 40 ml, and it says 1mg/ml THC ,10mg/ml CBD (I'm guessing that's a ratio) it doesn't have a dropper, in the bottle itself, but came with a syringe, that has a range of 0.1 ml to 1.0 ml, the prescript dosage says to take 0.5g a day ( for various anxiety disorders I have) now I've figured that 0.5 g a day is really 0.5 ml a day ( I hope) which after some math, I determined to be 10 drops … 10 drops should = 25 mg CBD does this sound right? Thanks!!!

  12. I have several bottles of 1000mg of CBD oil that I put in my vaporizer pen. Approximately how many puffs should I take to get a good 20-30mg of CBD oil? I want enough to help my pain and anxiety. I asked a similar question on another one of your videos, but thought I'd ask it here. THANKS! -Jonathan

  13. I've been taking nuleaf 2 full droppers once a day for anxiety, for 2 days now….and haven't noticed anything diffrent….should I go to 3 or 4 full droppers once a day? What's your advice…..im not sure what to expect from it…thank you .

  14. Thanks for clearing up the topic of what a dropper of CBD could contain as opposed to a drop, and how to figure out what a drop equals.

  15. You said that one full dropper contains 10 mg of cbd. But the bottle comes with different concentration there is 1000mg, 500mg, 350mg.

  16. I have a bottle of 250mg of CBD oil (I got the Koi brand). Is this a lot for a start? I put about two full droppers in my vape pen and it lasts all day. Thanks!

  17. What about the Hemp Worx CBC Oil 500mg no anything about this?

  18. I’m using CBD for my cat.
    The directions on the bottle say “half a dropper per 10 lbs”.
    The holistic vet told me to start small so i only gave my cat 1/4 of a dropper to start and he’s at least 10 lbs if not 11 lbs.
    i was nervous to get it to him because i thought that even 1/4 was a lot. i probably put 5-8 drops in his food just to try it.
    Did i put too much? not enough? The type of food was chicken, so did the chicken absorb most of it?
    thank you

  19. Can you transfer the oil to a smaller plastic bottle for shorter trips?

  20. Can you do a video on CBD and concussions, TBIs, and Post Concussive Syndrome?

  21. Keep the info coming! So glad I found your channel. I watch every video, this miracle plant has been a Godsend for me ?! After years of narcotics and the fact that we build up a tolerance to them, I'd almost given up hope of having a semi-normal life. CBD and Hemp Oil have given me a new lease on life! Once depressed and in constant pain, I'm living proof that this WORKS!! I'm able to do things I haven't done for years. God gave us this natural alternative to prescription drugs and I'm going to take full advantage of it!! I've been able to cut my script usage in half ( or even less some days! ) and use this instead. I'm learning, and you're helping me a lot!!


  22. Also I'd like to share this on your latest video post. CBD is legal in all 50 States. You can buy it online, you can mail it to anywhere in the US. There should be no question about it. THC is entirely a different animal. Only certain States have legalized it BUT it cannot be mailed interstate. I live in Hawaii and can only buy State grown and approved plants. I can also grow it which I'm not going to do. Only one dispensary is opened now. They sell only 5 strains of Sativa and Indica. There are 6~7 more dispensaries set to open soon. The process is way too long and arduous for those of us who need the pain relief. But CBD is available at dozens of outlets. You can find it in shops of all kinds here. But I still choose to buy mine from nuleaf in Colorado.

  23. Unfortunately the 240 mgs. bottle uses a half dropper. Someone gave me great advice. If you have problems counting drops, drop water into a tsp until you're accustomed to the amounts. Good advice, Vadim. Too bad so many people didn't pass middle school math.

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