What Happened To My Body | 60 Days of CBD Oil

CBD oil is trending all of a sudden! What’s the deal with it? Does it do anything? Is it worth it? What are my thoughts on the Charlotte’s Wed brand? Charlotte’s …


  1. TXRxcbd.com is were I get my oils. I have tried different oils. Not all cbd is treated equally. This oil has been a lifesaver!!

  2. It's Marijuana… It's just crossed back and forth to lower the thc and increase the cbd… The thc is just so low in the end product that it won't get you high..

  3. I now have been using this product for over 30 and it does make a difference. I sleep better, I more relaxed, and I fell better in general. You should readily take a look at this http://yourfuture.MyCTFOCBD.com

  4. So, did I miss the “What happened to my body” part in this video. And the description you said was “it was like taking a chill pill.” I’m not sure what you mean by saying this. I am a non recreational drug user so I’m not sure if THAT is what you meant or if it is YOUR term of speech. A more detailed description of what actually happened may be in here but I may have missed it??? Nonetheless would love to hear what your take is. BEsides just feeling “mellow.” THank you 🙂

  5. I've been taking 1500mgs of Hemplucid CBD, MCT oil, Everyday. I can't tell you what's is done for me. Not only is it helping chronic pain, but making the ease of riding my body of the alternative. Not to mention the change of appetite, especially now. Physically therapy has been going awesome, especially with what I've NOT been putting into my body. I'm blown away at the results.

  6. charlotte's web is a variety of cannabis that was developed by a breeder / grower for this special girl named charlotte. i forgot if she had epilepsy or cancer. one or the other. hemp is basically just weed without the thc anyway.

  7. charlotte's web is a particular variety of cannabis has the thc bred out of the plant and kept the high levels of cbd in it. it's probably the quality and the quantity of cbd you were getting from cw.

  8. I tried some that was horrible. It's from Green Labs. 100 mg. contents water, citric acid, sodium benzoate, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavor, FD&C red no. 40. It was an offer that came to my email. So I couldn't read the fine print until I received it. It tasted like old oil. And HFCO?
    I was concerned that it was one of those things that you get billed for $100 When I went to cancel it I got the fast talk run around. This happened twice. It was indeed one of those scams. So I called my bank and he'd my card cancelled. When I called to cancel and started to get the fast talk run around, I told them the card was cancelled they hung up on me. So beware people, all is not what it seems.

  9. You could have more followers if you get to the point quicker. Watching these is painful

  10. I loved your video and the way you talk is so relaxing! omg thank you keep it up!

  11. CBD OIL is placebo and total scam. Bought 5% CBD oil for 60 euros from MediHemp and absolutely nothing happened or changed to me. Because CBD oil is placebo it will work only for people with low IQ.

  12. So I got this CBD oil from GreenRoadsWorld and it’s one of the terpenes ones for like $70. I’m so upset because I’ve tried one drop, then two drops and then like 5 or more drops and all it leaves is my stomach not feeling well. This Charlotte Web’s stuff is way too expensive for me. Guess it’s back to the drawing board.

  13. Do you really know what’s in your CBD products? We do. https://youtu.be/VLJuplAiVls

  14. CBD oil is exploding with new products every week. Who should I trust and what should I buy?

  15. I hope people keep big pharma out of the equation. Then it will be too expensive for people to afford.

  16. Once again, a miracle healing gift from god being capitalized by greedy MFer’s. You fuckers who love the Obama’s ACA and can afford it, and minimal coverage of specified care. Have t you stripped the rest of us of enough. Pricing for this product is geared for those who can afford stated above. You’ll all answer for your greed and “ love of money”! Love your fellow man? Been forgotten by greed and love of money

  17. You look like a brunette Gweneth Paltrow.

  18. you want cbd cannabis oil ,.,.,.with thc in it,.,.,., thc has benefits and tinctures suck.,.,.,.,..and this chick is clueless

  19. Ola!!
    Seems to me thee oil did your leggs some good!! Nice gamms!!

  20. She start talking bout cbd in -around 13 mins mark. She just mumbling

  21. Charlottes Web. Strain Specific. Named after a little girl named Charlotte who suffered from constant seizures. First girl to bring a good amount of attention to the issue, along with the brothers in Colorado that started this strain. Anyone have any other info on that. I’m in the ball park. Someone may know specifics though.

  22. I wanted to hear what you said but you're too hot and sitting with your legs like that i had to switch channels sorry.

  23. I have had cronic chest pains for years and CBD oils has helped so much with making the pain go away. I have tried CW but I love CBDoil+ I have also tried some from middle Tennessee that are also good as well. 😊

  24. CBD oil to me acts as liquid "motivation" lol. Literally gives me tunnel vision and ambition to get what needs done the fuck done! 💚

  25. Of the Cannibas family, hemp is male, marijuana is female. That's the actual classification difference. The female drives you psychoactive…

  26. If you do it, do it well with CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum CBD Oil 3000mg (30%)

  27. CBD for me! I have had smokable but best success with oil tinctures. Great stuff to use with thc oils as well can make it to your needs this oil is great for anxiety sufferers like myself and it also helps if you are having negative side effects from antidepressants.

  28. Because of the low amount of THC in most of these, i am assuming I would not have any bad effects to it like i do weed? I bought Care By Design, 18 to 1 ratio. I'd love to try it for anxiety.

  29. I did subscribe to your channel also 👍 I'll check out the link to see the cost , I wish they would have sample packs ..

  30. Did u ever try the CDB gummy bears, & how much milligrams should I begin with ? I'm 5'5" 145 lbs

  31. You need rehab now.. just kidding it's an amazing medicine

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