SENSORY DEPRIVATION TANK EXPIRENCE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFnaFcdiZBMI Want to Thank You all For Watching, Each of you really mean …


  1. Take the hole bottle that's what I did

  2. Oh shit you're actually going up in the youtube world, don't forget your roots man #TUCKGANG

  3. My grown ass just got taught by a white kid wtf

  4. I’ve never seen clear cbd oil lol

  5. Providing the guy is 16 and lives in nj…. the pic of him for the vid makes me think of other things in his mouth….. like i said. new jersey

  6. How much pain could you possibly have as a teenager lul

  7. popthecbd.com

  8. There are small amounts of THC in these types of products just a heads up

  9. Basically it did nothing… Thanks!

  10. I don't have epilepsy, or anything.

    I drink too much> I just want to shut my mind off at night? would CBD help?

  11. Is it just me or is the background moving? Im gone

  12. A great company to buy high quality cbd is buycbdonlinefromus.com all natural organic hemp extracted by co2 extraction method. I've ordered many times whit super fast shipping

  13. CBD doesn't make you feel like anything this is stupid

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