Vlogging with EDS: My Mysterious Wound, CBD Oil, and Tie Dye | Week 37

I can hardly believe its already mid July! How did that happen? I hope everyone is having a great summer! I personally can;t wait until it cools down a bit.


  1. Vitamin e oil is great for scars. You can also use bio oil, which is an anti septic, and if you seal it up correctly it never spoils. Not sure if you can get your skin to agree with all the ingredients but it's also an amazing moisturizer.

  2. ALSO also! Next time you come to town, visit Cambridge Naturals in Porter Square for all kinds of natural healthcare treats.

  3. You might like to look at Soliloquy Jewelry. She works in Boston and is an amazing metalsmith.

  4. could of been parts from dressings or swab they cleaned you after done

  5. I use Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil and love it.

  6. I hope you can put those star earrings back on your Etsy shop

  7. I would totally love one or two of those lockets!! I have fibromyalgia and this would be perfect for an emergency dose of pain relief!!

  8. Girl, my room has always been a disaster and I hate organizing and cleaning, I just don't even know how to start or how to keep going. But I can take a clean room and turn it into chaos in a few minutes. It's my superhero power. It's supposed to be a sign of creativity, right? 😀

    Also interesting to hear you talk about Charlotte's Web; I'd heard of it recently and am thinking about trying it for some chronic tendonitis and joint issues. Once I realized that CBD and THC were different things, I came around to it more. While getting high might be fun once in awhile, I didn't want to have to be high all the time in order to get a pain relief benefit. I'm gonna start looking for it…

  9. I use coconut oil and Aloe on my scars and have had really good results. I had a reaction to vitamin because it often contains gluten .

  10. Great vlog Christina, watched your 10 hour drive vlog a few min ago where you went to EDS Seminar. My wife has EDS, Chiari and other things. We subscribed :). My son will be having surgery 8/9 for Chiair and Cranio Cervical Instability. Hope you can check out our channel.

  11. Your little slice of heaven is lovely. ?????????????????????????

  12. Please, make shorter videos or divide 30 minutes to 2 videos around 15min

  13. Hi Christina. Currently typing with one hand because my wrist snapped and now I can't move it. I have all of the signs of hypermobility EDS, but i haven't been to a geneticist to be diagnosed. It's really hard to deal with chronic pain and everyone thinks you're making it up. Looking into CBD oil, because all the medications are so tiring.

  14. So awesome you found your other thumb splints! I was wondering at some time would you be willing to do a blurb on them pros and cons?! I know in the past you have mentioned them but was unable to locate them and now you found them! I believe if memory serves me correctly they are called "medagrips"?? Any how I had considered them but was unsure of them… I personally have the 3D Stable Thumb splint along with saw neck splints for all of my other fingers! O the life we live! Another idea on oils… I have been using doterras immortelle because like you I have weird scarring issues from surgery.. ? and rock on with the ukulele playing! I just started playing the baratone ukulele- so fun buuuut the tip of my pointer finger goes numb for a few days afterwards- weird and not sure what that's about! Any how it is always so great to see your weekly videos!

  15. Some people mix cbd oil with coconut oil to create a balm or salve. I haven't tried proper cbd oil as it's so expensive in the UK but I've tried… Ahem… Other methods that contained thc. It was amazing for the pain but unfortunately gave me extreme anxiety.

  16. maybe coconut oil is good on skin on scars

  17. I'm really excited to follow your progress with CBD oil and how it helps with EDS pain! I am interested in how it works with our daily pain. Great vlog as always! <3 Sending spoons!

  18. hi Christina, i've been having a lot of trouble finding correct help for my cerebral instability and pots in the netherlands. Do you maybe have tips and tricks for introducing treatment methods from other countries/online advices to your doctors??? some knowledge from the USA hasnt travelled over here yet… I have hypoglycemia, probably mcas and definately cci, but it's all unknown territory for the drs here.. ????

  19. Hey Christina, I love your videos and following your life! But these past three or four vlogs I've noticed the sound quality has changed and it makes it painful for me to listen because of my auditory processing disorder. It's like there's this metallic kind of screeching sound whenever you talk. Did your change/damage your camera microphone or do something different in the audio editing? I turn the volume down to the lowest possible, just so I can't hear the noise too much, but then I have to strain my ears to understand you… Is this something you could do anything about? Thank you for reading and for your vlog! /Alma

  20. I have the exact CW hemp oil that you do and I had been taking it orally. I never even thought to use it topically. So I just tried some topically – we'll see what happens. I have noticed that taking it orally helps me sleep some, but doesn't seem to help with pain much.

  21. CBD oil is great for wound healing!!! My friend with EDS has raved about it.
    My CBD oil story is a bit difficult as I have acquired it for the first time too but earlier this month, in an inpatient setting. It is not legal to keep on the premises of the hospital that I am in, and only legal for about 3 terminal illnesses and a severe form of childhood epilepsy here in this state in Australia. This is what the doctor said when a week into my admission(which started on the 4th July) I told my nurse and they locked my hemp oil away in the Dangerous and Addictive substances medication cupboard. My FND(Functional Neurological Disorder) causes me to be constantly convulsing and seizing for hrs everyday when it gets severe. I lose all my motor skills and ability to walk every 2-3 months. My dad got ahold of some Eve Hemp Oil online and I started to take it, as there is no cure, FND is widely misunderstood by the medical community and trailing medications for this disorder would be 'a shot in the dark' as the consultant Neurologist said when I was in Neurology. I'm currently in a Rehabilitation Centre now(thank goodness!) and it has been a few weeks that I have been taking the oil. The two times I have had to stop because of the hospital taking it away, and me trailing how I am without it, I start having tremors, involuntary movements, difficulties speaking, breathing, chewing, swallowing and non epileptic seizures. I really didn't know if it was going to help my condition, but I honestly believe I would be a vegetable every few months when my fluctuating condition gets worse. A GP at my clinic I go to as an outpatient said Australia is about 5 years behind regarding laws relating to Medical Cannabis use.

    I'm so happy to hear you talking about CBD oil on your channel Christina, it really is funny when you learn that Opiods were once extracted from Opium, and various medicines are extracted from the Coca plant, I'm sure there are lots of other examples. A Natropath once told me all pharmaceuticals originated from plant form anyway! It is a medicine, just like any other and does wonders for people. I hope it works like magic for you as it has for me.

  22. Christina, the nerve pain you're describing sounds shockingly similar to CRPS-perhaps mention it to your doctor?

  23. Christina if you are interested you should check out BlueRidgeHempco cbd roll ons. Its a small company run buy a guy in america and ive heard such good things! Im just about to order a headache roll on stick and theres south african amythest infused into it and many of their blends. Ive seen a review where a lady said it even helped her through labour! Im super interested in trying it, I personally smoke the plant rarely and enjoy the effects I get I feel like in a way it helps me grow emotionally and spiritually. Much love christina, in the past few of your videos ive been relating heaps with the things you talk about, Im so happy you are telling people about headspace because I love the app so much and think not enough people really give enough credit to the power of meditation practice. Andys voice is so calming too Im a total fan of that accent aha!

  24. I always use calendula ointment for my scars. It did work miracles for me, especially when mixed with bepanthen

  25. Your wound sounds very similar to a previous surgery site I've had. My body partially dissolved the black dissolvable stitches, turning them white, but it just couldn't quite do the rest on its own. The wound wouldn't heal until I went back in and had them pull the rest of the dissolvable stitches out with tweezers, and then basically had to restart the healing process. So that could be a possibility? Anyways, I'm happy you got it taken care of and hope you start to heal quickly!

  26. I've tried ingesting CBD oil for the severe cramps that come with my PCOS and had mixed results. Perhaps I should try applying it topically or look for a different brand, I don't know.

    I will say, however, that it did seem to help my anxiety some.

  27. I need that lock omg omg so cute and perfect for me. I suffer from fibromyalgia ???

  28. I'll help clean! I love cleaning, I am like an in house maid, my parents love it. Also I wonder what that string was if it was unusual.

  29. Your hair looks awesome! I hope you get an answer as to what that string thing was, its really strange. I think I might just try the CBD oil, it sounds like it's awesome. Can you try and do a couple follow ups on if its still working at later points, and how well it works on different areas? Love and spoons!

  30. I so look forward to your weekly vlogs Christina. It is thanks to you that I have a YuYu and that pillow and now I am trying the CW CBD oil and you will be getting an Etsy order from me soon as well:) So here I am in my bed on the other side of the world (on the island of Tasmania) but feeling close. I am an old hand at chronic illness now but always feel refreshed by your sharing your story with us no matter how grueling it is. Bright Blessings☆҉☆҉‿➹⁀

  31. I use the therapy bar from lush on my scars and stretch marks. It works really well on my skin and has faded my big ragged scars really nicly

  32. Your skin spit out a stitch! Mine does that every time and mine don't get restitched or reglued. I don't dissolve the stitches well and they will work themselves up over a span of two months. My stitches are white-ish clear, as dissolvable typically are. My docs have me cover it for like a day or so….then use a little Neosporin and leave it to air when I'm awake to keep it clean and dry…but not TOO dry. If it's too dry, my skin will rip more.

  33. hey! we use the same cbd oil so if you want any diy tips mssg me!

  34. i use a cbd bio freeze type thing for my cci pain its the onlything that help other than ice. i use it for everything CBD is great!

  35. Is coconut oil safe on your skin? Good carrier if it's safe.

  36. CBD oil never worked for me, but I was using it for insomnia. Glad it is helping you though 🙂

  37. Did the Dr send the white string thing to the lab.?. Hope so, let us know when you find out what it is?

  38. Hey! I have tried basically all forms of cannabis medicine. Both with and without THC, hemp derived CBD, cannabis derived CBD, edibles, smokables, and topicals, you name it, I've tried it (just so you know I have a lot of experience and have done quite a bit of experimentation in this area, although I am not currently using any CBD, THC, or other cannabis products). I wanted to give some friendly tips on CBD oil: CBD oil that is hemp derived has a lower chance of working than CBD oil that is cannabis derived. Charlotte's Web worked for me for a while, but the affect it had lessened a lot after a few uses and I've heard this experience from other's who have used it. The difference between hemp CBD and cannabis CBD has a lot to do with plant biology that I don't understand well enough to fully explain to you. From personal experience, I have only had significant and consistent relief from cannabis derived CBD. This kind of CBD you do need a medical marijuana card for (usually), but it is very worth the extra process. If you go to a reputable dispensary to get the CBD oil that is cannabis derived it is just as safe as the hemp derived oil and there are some key questions you can ask to determine whether what you're buying is safe. There are also some very trusted brands that create cannabis CBD products specifically for medical use that are well dosed, easy to use, and work great! One of those brands is Mary's Medicinal. I highly encourage you to check out their website! Another thing to note is that getting CBD that has a very small amount of THC in it (like a VERY small amount, not enough to create a high) will help it to metabolize in your body more effectively and will help a lot more with sleep and nausea than CBD with absolutely no THC. If you want more information on this I can provide some helpful resources to you! I'm also definitely interested to see if the Charlotte's Web continues to work for you so keep us updated!

  39. The mysterious thread is so weird and kinda scary! I'm glad it's been found and being sorted.

  40. That medicine locket looks so cool

  41. Yes, I will totally purchase one of those medication lockets ❤️❤️

  42. Frankincense essential oil has worked really well for me with fading the scars I have. The scars I have are your average type of scars so take that into consideration but frankincense essential oil is good stuff!

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