Vaping CBD Oil

How I use the CBD Vape oil sold at Red Earth Resources.


  1. Hey man I’m thinking about trying CBD for anxiety mine is bad I hate my panic attacks my local shops in Knoxville TN have them but every time I use to smoke weed my heart would race and stuff and I do have a small heart murmur I had a vsd repair when I was small but I’m straight now just a small heart murmur but my question is does it effect your heart rate like weed? That’s my main question and if it doesn’t then I’m all game. Please respond as long as it doesn’t get you high and effect your heart rate I’m game

  2. Hey I was wondering could use the pax 3 with this ?

  3. I have a vape just meant for CBD oil…

  4. I like CBD oil, it makes me feel relaxed and focused. Me too, mixing this with my 0% nicotine daily vape, with a nice and fresh smell. I only put in a few drops, and it does feels good in seconds, after you vape in.

  5. this was the most god damn pointless video, every single mf who has a vape knows how to put shit in the tank. make better videos😊👎🏿

  6. Interesting, do you have to cut it with normal vape juice? And whats the best temp or ohm for this? Never vaped in my life just getting into the game

  7. hey realy informative . iam wondering the difference of vaping on a specific vapor designed For Cbd oil. And a Normal modvapor
    Can i just vape my cbd oil on a normal vaper ?

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