vaping CBD oil where to buy the best quality oil in the UK ?

started vaping,now im not sure of the best place to purchase cbd oil in the uk … best quality price etc.


  1. Hey dude I saw a video of yours where you said CBD didn’t work. I’m not sure if it’s before or after this one. I feel for you dude as someone who has a nasty anxiety condition myself. The cbd you were using isn’t very good. I’m not saying the good stuff will help you. I’m just saying the one you were using is only seed pressed. You need a really high quality full plant pressed CBD paste. It’s black and comes in a big syringe, that’s the stuff you need to use for medication. If you already know all about it cool cool, I just wanted to let you know in case it’s something you haven’t tried out yet. All the best dude.

  2. It’s hemp not cannabis, poor ill informed sheeple.

  3. Don’t vape oil you idiot it will fuck your lungs up

  4. The name,
    Have you been to Mars yet lol

  5. You're funny!…Did you find out where to get the cbd oil for vaping? Cheers.😀

  6. So… long story short. Did it help your anxiety more so than anything else yet? Tempted to pay the $600 here in MN to get legally medical marijuana.

  7. why would you vape cbd oil,,,,doesnt get you high does it?plus it cant be good on your lungs

  8. Hi I have just opened up a website I am now selling quality cbd oil for sale at a cheap price you can vape as it's mixed with VG or use as oral please visit my Website United kingdom only

  9. Cheers from the states. I stumbled across your video and there are many choices of high quality CBD here. I found 1000mg 30ml bottles of tincture work best for me under the tongue. 20 mg per dose up to 3 a day. We also have pure CBD crystals that can be Vaped in a device or attachment for concentrates. CBD Distillery in the US has great prices not sure if they ship outside of US

  10. Koi. Cbd it is the best in my opinion

  11. so where can i order it from within uk?

  12. is it working for you bro vaping?

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