Vaping CBD Oil [3 basic systems]

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  1. Is this safe for teens under 18? the vaping of it.

  2. thanks for uploading.
    The cbd oil for vape is pure cbd oil or there are any other chemicals in it?

  3. If you are interested in vaping…there are channels that elaborate a bit more then she does.

  4. In an effort to help others… i got a Smoke X-Priv, and add CBD e-Juice (500mg of CBD). I mix in a flavor I like, and start vaping. I deal with alot of spinal pain, and after a session, it does seem to help.

  5. Can I put the vape liquid in a normal vape that normally is for nicotine juices?

  6. I heard vaping cbd burns off the quality so what should I vape it in without losing the strength of the cbd?

  7. What is better ?doing that vs just dropping some oil under your tongue

  8. Can I buy any vape pen? Also which online company is reliable to buy? please help, thanks!

  9. I looked at your website. I can't make out whether or not they gold concentration of CBD is available in you are Vape shot format.

    If it is not, what is the highest concentration that I can get in your Vape shots? What is the price and availability of your Vape shots with a high concentration of CBD? If you would rather get an email with this question let me know.

  10. Can kids take cbd oil? My 12 yr old has anxiety and OCD. I think this could help. Thanks

  11. How can I get a hold of you, I have a few questions???

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