Vaping CBD oil

Vaping CBD. Health benefits of CBD oil are often overlooked. From anxiety cancer to losing weight. CBD oil has been proven to help homeostasis in the body.


  1. Thanks bro. Trying cdb soon for back injury

  2. why are you vaping oil?????? youre gonna fuck your lungs up, vape cbd extract mixed with pg/vg.

  3. Thank you for your honest and open opinions.

  4. Can u please tell me where u got cbd oil

  5. Im so scared 🙁 i had the worst asthma attack this morning im cryinh. I need help. I feel like my inhaler are making my symptoms worse. My friend recommended cbd oil do u have any info about cbd oil for lungs

  6. I mix my 3mg nic juice with CBD gives a great flavor and it's been helping me get off painkillers as well mix it with ejuice if ya want a good pull

  7. So you've quit smoking cigarettes since vaping?

  8. I'm using hemplucid. been using for 2 months now. started it for anxiety and let me tell you it does work

  9. try the tinctures from lazarus naturals or the CBD distillery and let it sit under your tongue for a min or so. I find thos work much better for me. also you might need 20-50 mg's per dose to really get an effect depending on what you using it for. But it does work, thats for sure. Also if you have pain, check out Kratom, its a powerful herb that works very well for pain. good luck!

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