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  1. Can someone PLZ tell me and explain where can I buy CBD online?

  2. This is a really good article / testimony about how much CBD rich weed can help with overcoming Opiat addiction:

  3. I love working out high. You need to have music though.

  4. just got instructions from Unflexal and I'm ready for the my training 😀

  5. Who's that crazy chick? she's awesome

  6. The best of CBD oils publishes recent lab certifications (0% THC = no buzz, all medicine).

  7. What cbd oil is good for taking after workouts ?

  8. How is the CBD oil going for you, Pete?

  9. Does it matter if you store it at room temperature for months?

  10. haha it's very understandable that people think the THC isn't medicinal, however it's has the same benefits as CBD. the main difference is THC has a psychoactive affect (high) and CBD doesn't (has a calming sedative feeling but doesn't impair physically or mentally)

  11. Yo Pete I noticed you got some hemp CBD oil, hemp CBD oil isn't as beneficial as CBD derived from a Cannabis Sativa strain. You may need to get a doctors recommendation to get CBD derived from Cannabis Sativa. Maybe with full legalization in Canada CBD derived from Cannabis Sativa will become as accessible as hemp CBD. Keep killing it!

  12. Why do you wear moutguard in the gym? Do u think ure gonna fight someone or smth?

  13. That pup was mighty thirsty.

  14. You need juice from GREEN leaves. not dry.. it has THC-ACID that won't get you stoned but will feed your ENDO-CANNABINOID SYSTEM… give you all the cancer fighting stuff you need

  15. raw foods

    detox miracle book

    mucus free diet

    80 10 10 

    robert morse, arnold erhret, liferegenerator, lou corona

    heal anything

  16. Its coming up my ass now lmao!

  17. CBD is a cannabinoid. Just like THC. Most CBD is from industrial hemp. So far the only studies that show cancer prevention/treatment is for THC. THC attacks cancer cells specifically and causes apoptosis. CBD is primarily used for epilepsy and anxiety however there are some postulations that support the idea that CBD is a good cancer preventative.

  18. Yes! I really do believe in the power of the Cannabis plant. It's helped me, and many other people globally. Keep us updated on how you feel using CBD Oil. Much love homie!

  19. Are you really at a Planet Fitness?

  20. CBD oil will be a life changer dude

  21. pete no placibo watch rick simpsons "run from the cure"

  22. so cute ha ha "i would uhhh ask u to do it for me" ha ha

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