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  1. People should know that cbd has great benefits. It has been around for a long time, Egyptian, assyrians etc have used cbd. If interested, here is more info about cbd

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  3. Mine tastes like tree. i dont mind the taste i like it. But does most oils taste diffrent or all the same?

  4. It is as tasty as Ayauscha?

  5. He looks like Shia lebouf from the movie, "Fury"

  6. Ridiculous value express spot remaining figure test so golf strong.

  7. Rest century reluctant host diverse horrible painter after mean beef.

  8. There's a new one born every day

  9. I feel like thats a really large starting dose. You sure 1 MG isnt 1 drop?

  10. why do I have to click on something that says this video may be inappropriate? should have to click that shit to watch a soda commercial

  11. have you ever dipped your car after smoking a bowl?

  12. And no update. Man, I hate that!

  13. I can't find the follow up you promised. I went to your page and don't see part two. Got a link? I just ordered this for my gout. I'm in the middle of an attack and I'm sick of the pain and being hobbled.

  14. Oh yeah everybody let’s phuckin drink a whole tank of cbd oil it’s vape oil

  15. make up your mind man! you're so indecisive.

  16. This guy sounds exactly like joe rogan

  17. this video was stupid. no info other than he doesnt like the taste. duh.

  18. It's a solid 5. No questions asked a solid 5…. it's a 4. Hahahahaha

  19. I had to go to the ER w/severe tension headaches that shot down my spine and made me have muscle spasms, my friend told me about this and I started using Onyxdrip Extreme strength and it helps me so much with my tension pain and anxiety/depression. I wish I could get some medical mj but this’ll have to suffice.

  20. Waiting for the next review about it.

  21. You seemed a bit anxious after it if you ask me. Hopefully it wasn't too bad for you

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