Treating Dementia and Alzheimer’s – Interview On The Effects of CBD and Benefits On Mental illness

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Treatment Interview and the effects of cbd oils benefits (cannabidiol). We explain CBD oil benefits for dementia treatment. Hemp oil …


  1. Can cbd help with just a bad memory?

  2. Y’all might have seen this before. There is no denying what you are witnessing, after a woman administers CBD to a dementia sufferer over a four week period.

    I have lesions on my brain from radiation poisoning, and I am doing this and much more.

    The best of health to all of us going forward.


  3. Now do you all understand why marijuana is illegal? Do you realize how many pharmaceutical companies would go out of business in the event this herb becomes legal??? Because unlike all the drugs we pump into people, the marijuana actually works, and shows noticeable results.

  4. I need to get some of it to Australia. People here need help.

  5. I have benifited greatly from using CBD oil and bio-wave therapy for fibromyalgia and chronic pain associated with multiple spine surgeries. I am curious if CBD oils and biowave treatment can help patients with dimentia?

  6. have alz and cbd oil restores cognition, gives me ability to walk, clean up. It works very fast. I have "meltdowns" where despair and anger converge, the cbd oil ends that state of mind within 10 minutes. A puff of Kush ends disturbed thinking within minutes.I use it alland I have become calmer, happier and made peace with the illness. It seems like running out of gas, putting gas in the tank, the brain needs something it stimulates.

  7. I met a woman with Alzheimer's. She would forgot everything every 45 to 60 seconds. She is aware of her condition. I told her I had something that was supposed to help with Alzheimer's. She asked what it was and I told her it's was a non psychoactive cannabis extract called THCA made by Jaydens Juice. She agreed she wanted to try it. I gave her four drops under her tongue. 15 minutes later we introduced ourselves to her. Came back 15 minues later and she still remembered all of our Names. 30 minutes later she still remembered all of us! Something she had not been able to do. Absolutely amazing effects.

  8. So Danielle and Sandy, can you help with specifics: like what kind did you use and doses please. I feel that I am no longer along my need for information.

  9. take virgin coconut oil also, the problem is dementia and alzheimers is diabetes of the brain, the brain is literally eating itself because insulin and sugars not nurishing cells in brain thats where coconut oil comes in, check out how other people brought themselves back with it

  10. What was the dosage? How many mg of CBD?

  11. We need to get this info out to so many people suffering from this terrible disease

  12. Wow very moving story. Thanks for sharing. From the UK here. Keep up the good work!

  13. how can't I get a hold of Danielle, does anyone know her site?   Need to chat to her about my mom

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