The Truth About CBD Oil & The Youtube Bannings & It’s Advertisers

There has been a ton of mis-information going around, specifically purported by the companies selling this one product. ✓️Support The Channel …


  1. CBD Fans, don't be butthurt. If it works for you I am happy. I shared my personal experiences with the product. I also went out of my way to say that there IS evidence of it working for SOME things. It's just not a miracle cure.

  2. If your doing and feeling good then you won’t notice any effects

  3. CBD doesn't work for everybody. But that's with any medication. Medical marijuana including CBD topical and tincture has been an absolute blessing for me. I've lost 130 lbs. I can move again. My anxiety is low. I'm sorry that it didn't work for you, but it truly is a miracle for some people.

  4. If anything about cannabis cured cancer Bob Marley would still be alive.

  5. funny to see cat hair floating up

  6. I don't think people are saying it cures cancer…It's good for cancer patients that are going through chemo to help with the vomiting and pains that come along with it.

  7. It scares me a little that u want laws against cbd oil- hell, laws against anything that isn't criminal. Dude, i know u wanna seem neutral, but damn.

  8. I've been smoking herb since I was 14 and not even I fell for that CBD oil, never tried it.

  9. I mean if they claim it cures cancer…no shit it doesnt work

  10. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  11. Great report Quarter Pounder. By the way I think that would be the coolest nickname for you. But the quartering is great. Honest work

  12. Lol has this under you newest uploads

  13. It’s the same thing with essential oils. Sure, it smells nice and relaxes you sometimes but most of them like the citrusy oils only help because of the vitamin C and other things contained within citrusy fruits. My mother had terrible kidney stones. She took drops of the stuff in her water for days. Had three days of unending pain but went back to the doc and all the kidney stones had come out over those days. Could have been a coincidence but she still uses it and hasn’t had a kidney stone since. My theory is that it’s the fact it’s lemon, and lemon might have a way of helping that. Oils aren’t curalls. At most, lavender and peppermint help relax you. Lavender is known to help that kind of stuff but it’s not gonna cure cancer for god’s sake.

  14. Bearing was terminated because of his avatar it was copyrighted and he changed it so the copyright strikes were removed

  15. Did I get this straight? You can get a list on what is officially banned from gloggel ads, but the YT list is a secret? How is anyone supposed to follow rules you can't even know?

  16. Easy pal. Pot needs to be legalized and regulated. Its barely legalized and not regulated so easy to point out the flaws. Ive smoked pot for years and have never had a conversation about cbd oil? Must me a american thing.

  17. Why don't they deal with the horrid fucking Mobile game ads.

  18. The problem with natural health products is you have to use them for a fair amount of time before you'll notice if they work or not but if you believe all the hype and misinformation you should live forever which is not going happen so most of it is a making racket

  19. 0:29 Its ok Jeremy, that wound is raw for all of use.

  20. I personally feel less anxiety if I take it. Much like vitamin b but I’m sure it works differently. So since you don’t notice any major effects from vitamin b would you say vitamin b is snake oil?

  21. 7:44 top left corner for those who're easily distracted or bothered by that sorta thing

  22. Heck I saw cbd oil at walmart! (california, but still I was surprised)

  23. If I may make a suggestion. For muscle or joint pain. CBD is best applied topically, like a muscle rub. & you don't have to go out & buy a muscle rub that already has CBD in it, you can mix it with something like Tiger Balm, or you can mix it into your favorite lotion. For it to treat pain orally, you have to take some very high doses. I also find that if you put it under your tongue & just let it sit there, it gets into your system faster. Because if you take it orally, it has to go through your digestive system.

  24. CBD oil sux. If you dont have seizures.

  25. It is not a miracle oil and not all of the CBD oil is created equal. Your info correct be wish and check out the info for yourself…

  26. You sir, are an imbecile ……. and a MOOK when it comes to CBD……. and you smell funny

  27. The issue with CBD is, there is no regulation or standardization of the hemp or processing, on top of the outlandish claims. The cancer and other claims are being stolen from certain strains of THC/CBD products. Some CBD companies are honest that their product isn't a cure all, but can have some benefits, and some do. But it's very hard without lots of research to filter through the snake oil and legitimate products. I agree, they ought not be buying adverts without any vetting or honesty unencumbered.

  28. so not as good as 3 advil , but what about compared to 24 advil 😛

    thats how many i take on a bad day 🙁

  29. I smoke so much weed that by now I'm probably 75% CBD oil.

  30. This is a somewhat misinformed video. Yes im sure there are poor brands and out right lies as can be for any product. But cbd oil and cannabis oil are seperate and i think these two are being mixed up. Cannabis oil uses the thc in it to help with siezures. Theres also alot of scientific data to back up certain aspects such as cabinoids which does help with anti inflammatory, which does help against cancer, similer way spices can too but in a stronger way. As for the snake oil salesman ok ur on it fine, but ur half assed on the cbd oil.

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  32. Hemp oil is trying to rely on the ignorance of the population. It's as medicinal as wearing a hemp bracelet. It smells nice and probably just soothes through skin like any oil or salon pas patches people already put on their sore muscles.

  33. The real question is "Was YouTube up front with the content creators, telling them of their objection and giving them the opportunity to correct their video? Or, was YouTube a dipshit yet again, overreacting and playing mind games with the content creators?"

  34. Eh, last video from this channel from me. I’ve enjoyed watching a slightly above average IQ normie talk about his hobbies being subverted with a Marxist political agenda, but like Sargon of Akkad and the sceptic (pun intended) community at large, you are completely incapable of meaningfully fighting back against it. Your fatal mistake is that you accept the point of reference the left comes from as valid. Marxism, and especially Cultural Marxism, are natural evolutions of classical liberalism. No Social Contract then no Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Who do you think Marx read?

  35. As I watch this video I see 3 listing advertising it. More importantly why are they attacking tubers and not telling them why… They should just say take that ad out, tuber takes it out… Matter closed

  36. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

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