The CBD Ripoff Report……

Since I could find nobody discussing this subject, I thought I would take it upon myself to do so. There is limited research on the proper therapeutic dose for CBD, …


  1. Buy the a high dose. You need one drop. (That's for your out look )

  2. Has the pharmaceutical industry gotten into selling CBD yet? If they do, the price will probably go up even more.

  3. That bottle seemes like its diluted?
    Cray- Im not new but Ive smoked cbd herb, flower and I deffinatly felt it. Ranted I had no reaidule thc in my system. It felt very mellow relaxing and chill

  4. Thank you for this video. I am so frustrated by the ripoffs that are constantly being marketed to sick people. I am horrified that people don't understand the difference between CBD oil from hemp and that from weed. I get into more arguments about this than I ever could have imagined. I really appreciate this information.

  5. Do you live in michigan??? The shit is crazy priced… id buy from you and willing to help all i can. It helps me to stay off of my pain meds. Thanks for the video man..

  6. the brand of cbd vape oil i use comes in 200mg, 500mg & 1000mg. never seen a 50mg, would be completely useless.

  7. Why can't companies sell oil from real strains, instead of always using hemp? Is this a legal issue? I know they sell hemp flowers, because it has 0.3% thc or less, but I can't buy Charlotte's Web that has 0%. Makes no sense to me.

  8. Isnt CBD expensive because it can only be made from imported industrial hemp?

  9. I'm just looking for help with anxiety. This really sucks. Just looking for advice.

  10. you need to research more… and anyone really sick is not just using 1 mg. lol and people with serious illnesses's do now have several research trails behind it in medical field, and they DO test it and the mg is really up to about 300-2500mg, not 1… so, i did listen, and you do have some good questions about industry. Many are testing it… and work in volume, not street cost. need to consider that as well. can you image the cost when RX's were/are to get involved. omg! lol Many people ARE depending on good quality for this for cancer because there is a trail going on with so far with high success of cancer cures in stage 4 just with high dose of at least 1000 mg of cbd and 5% thc mix a day. those who are not sick with cancer, do not need the high does to benefit. you have a very good question./ food for thought.

  11. yeah i want a cutting of charlottes web or some other cbd dominant strain. anyone in sacramento area know where i can get one let me know all the seeds online seem like crosses of them

  12. Oral CBD bioavailability is 4%, whereas, vaporization of CBD is 40% bioavailable. I'm gonna look up sublingual and topical bioavailability because I realize not everyone can vape because of respiratory irritation. Maybe those cold-mist THC-inhalers could be hella boss for cannabidol.

  13. I appreciate your knowledge. Thank you for sharing the truth. I find that 60 mg gets me to sleep. I'd like to take 120 mg per day as a mood stabilizer. I've had chronic insomnia my whole life and thought there was no cure but CBD gets me to sleep. I gotta start growing some because the prices are off the charts and the skimpy recommended dosage is useless to me. I agree with you 190% on dosage. Thanks for validating my thinking on that.

  14. Companies have to make money and pay for their costs.

  15. My mom is suffering from ractal cancer stage 2. I ve made the CBD oil myself at home my mom is taking the medicine. 2 week after taking the medicine she wz feeling better bt nw she is feeling pain in hr ractum i dnt knw wat yo do. Can u plzzzzzzz help me?

  16. Good to see someone is educating the masses. I cant believe the cost of cbd tinctures, etc, I started using it for anxiety and found it helped arthritis but at 12 cents a mg it can add up. right now I take about 12 mg at a time once or twice a day but would take more if I could afford it. I am currently investigating how to produce it and may make my own. After looking at comments it's unfortunate that this stuff isn't regulated and tested to show exactly how much is in it. many may start to think it doesn't work but it does work, very well indeed

  17. Where can I get your cbd..i have extreme nerve pain

  18. Thank you for this video. So can we who don't want the THC (high out of minds, amplified anxiety and stress) actually purchase and smoke BUDS that only contain CBD? I know I purchased 15ml of 500mg CBD oil from CBDISTILLERY and my first dose which was ~30 mg definitely made a difference within 30 minutes or so. I wasn't "seeking" any sensation or anything but my back muscles loosened up and my speech was easier. Very strange how well this works at low doses. Considering it's $40 shipped for a 15ml bottle of CBD I'm interested in possibly growing some 0.5% or less THC marijuana that I can smoke or consume without getting high and just gaining the medicinal value of it. Any input is greatly appreciated.

  19. Thank you for posting this info.

  20. Just to add, organic and lab tested. The CBD he uses is 99%.

  21. Thanks for this, it explains why the 300mg bottle of CBD e-juice does absolutely nothing for me. I take CBD drops for insomnia but I am trying to get away from that method . It works but it takes a while to kick in and I would like to find a better solution. I am now thinking I should try a CBD dab pen + CBD concentrate.

  22. Cbd is only like 10mg per gram so 100mg 10grams is $100. 100mg cbd oil is going for $20 or Just buy cbd crystals 2gs or wax search it 1600mg for $60 only. I would buy it for flavor maybe but im waiting for thc wax and crystals everywhere. Not really a rip off plus you need machinery and shit which nobody has. thc is cheaper than cbd because theres 20% per gram

  23. Bang on mate. Here in the UK it's a right joke. Loads of hemp oil everywhere lol, you can find some with a bit of 'whole plant extract' in at the most, with 80% hemp seed oil but it's only 5% cbd overall. Don't get me wrong I'm gonna buy some from a reputable place just to see what it's like. But I think I know what to expect, and if I waste money then what the hell lol I'm kind of used to it. It's not right at all sick people having so much faith in a drug that works just to get ripped off with something that doesn't work. And they probably doubt the potential of CBD from then on as well assuming it's no good.

  24. "This channel is not here to make money, But I'm hoping to make money one day selling CBD oil". pathetic

  25. hi Carpo i need you to get intouch with me b wanna get your prices like i told you before i would like something that is as good as oxycodon and hopefully work for me. please get intouch with me on this , Thank you

  26. Hey carpo, please tell me you're still answering comments. I got a CBD isolate and i need to make sure it's legit. it's a whitish, waxy solid and is the texture of shatter. it smells kind of funny though when i smoke it. are there any reagent tests i can use to confirm it's cbd?

    Thank you so much

  27. Can anyone tell me if Charlotte web is any good? My daughter is autistic & needs it but need to find a good distributor

  28. There's actually 453,592 mg in a pound, so that would also be the value based on $1.00 per mg. That's even more f@#ke$ up if companies are really charging 50$ for 50mg

  29. you are right,everyone, including my daughter told me to try CBD oil, it will help you. i bought it alot. i have tremendous hip pain. it affects me to the point, i dont want to do anything any more. i boughte the oil, i vape, put it under my tongue, the salve, to rub on my hip. brownies, gummies, nothing works.

  30. Greed always ruins it for everyone

  31. Majority of the cbd comes from the stalk of the plant so throwing a bunch of weed in front of people doesn't justify Jack crap at all you are not fooling me at all lol.

  32. I pay up to 60 for 15 ml at 250 mg yes I’m being ripped off, but what can we do

  33. I’ve used it and it’s a great help for the pain I’m in everydayThat being said I just can’t afford to buy it all the time I’ve been taking -strong painkillers for years and only after taking cbd for 1 day I had no,pain at all Amazing , but if you can’t afford to buy it it makes me sad

  34. I have a bad shoulder that is bad enough I'm seeing an orthopedic surgeon at the end of December because that's the earliest I could get in. Out of desperation I paid $25 for 200mg CBD gummy bears. Then I found out that only 6% is readily available? Anyway managed to get 1000mg for $60 on bluebird to vape but not only does vaping look cool the vaporizer leaks a bit so I'm going through it quickly. Is there anyway short of extracting it myself to make it financially viable?

  35. I'm trying Medterra CBD capsules (50 mgs). Will let y'all know if it works. Everybody should investigate Medterra and we can see if they are the real deal.

  36. Glad I found your channel! Can you please tell me the top 2 real CBD makers and what product will help with severe anxiety? I'm trying to avoid the terrible psychiatric meds. I cannot have any THC.

  37. I buy a bulk Concentrate of full spectrum 1ml/100mg ratio and it costs me €1 per ml. Your right you need 50-100mg, I could put 3000mg in a 30ml bottle. Unfortunately my guy in UK I get it from has disappeared from the face of the planet. And there is nothing but crap available online and in the shops and the cost is rediculus, I was in Holland and Barrott last week they had a 15ml bottle of Hemp oil with 2.7% CBD for €26 that's something like 4mg you would need 10 or more bottles for 1 dose.

  38. I do not sell CBD myself, as I do get asked a lot. I do carry a CBD flower derived lip balm on my site but that is about it. Perhaps in the future@ Come visit my site: I have a variety of herbs and kratom.

  39. I want to chime in. I've been suffering from post concussion syndrome for the past 7 months. Headaches daily. It has been very depressing. However, I recently started CBD oil, derived from CBD rich "hemp," and I began to experience relief within 1 day. I didn't notice anything on day one, but by day 2 I woke up without a headache, slept like a baby, anxiety reduced, and the intermittent sharp pains are gone. I'm using Clarify by Functional Remedies. 500 mg per 1oz. bottle. Half dropper per dose equals 12.5mg. I take it 3 times daily. This stuff is real but I would like to try a different brand to see if there are some differences.

  40. hey Carpo
    check out HEALTH RANGER on YouTube
    he's got some good info on testing equipment and #CBD data
    yes most are snakeoil
    just like EJuice
    10$ / bottle
    when a gallon cost 25$
    the big scam is
    industrial HEMP vs boutique extracts from #CBD dominant flowers

  41. 10 grams of weed for $60? I'm getting ripped off


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