The Best CBD Oil For Anxiety (Paste, Vape, or Drops)

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  1. Also, if I vape, 200 mg about 5/6 times ad at how long should I do this for,
    I take my time a relax with it for about 15 minutes.
    I'm worried that my body will get used to it and stop working

  2. Hi there,
    I'm using the tincture under my to gue ( 3 drops morning and night) plus I'm vaping cbd 200 mg
    Is this strength ok for bad anxiety, I like to vape best?
    Kind regards uk

  3. What is the difference between CBD vape oil VS CBD oil ? If I vape cbd vape oil will I get the same benefits of cbd oil drops ? And is it dangerous to vape cbd ? Because I’m looking for cbd vape oil to vape for my anxiety but I’m not sure if it’ll work the same as cbd oil drops

  4. When vaping to keep my anxiety under control, I vape 100 about 5/6 times a day is this the right strength do you think?
    I also put 2 drops of 500 cbd oil under my tongue 2 times a day, I think I like the vaping more but really don't want to overdo It with the 500 oil under the tongue.
    Please please respond xxxx

  5. I live in Texas. Can I buy and use CBD oil legally in my state?

  6. Hi can you use this cbd oil if you take anti psychotics in the night or will they interact?

  7. Some people are having success with CBD oil and tinnitus. Can you recommend something to try?

  8. Hi I just picked up my first prescription of vape pens. I was given a pen with 30mg of cbd and 300mg of thc and I did not feel good with that so I’m using a pen with 150mg of cbd and 15mg of thc. Is this ok? I have Horrific anxiety, bloating, insomnia, tight scalp muscles and sometimes chest tightness. Should I try this for a week? Or use the gold paste? Thank you.

  9. What would you suggest for someone who suffers from anxiety but has low bp?

  10. What would you recommend for depression?

  11. How much should you take for anxiety that is especially bad in social situations, like school? It presents as extreme nausea until throwing up, and pounding heart until removed from the social setting. Can this product be taken on an as needed basis? Or does it have to build up in your system. It's for an 18yr old. Psychiatric meds did not help with upset stomach at all, and only caused some relaxation/drowsiness that made him feel groggy till they wore off. Desperate mom here, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Sucks good CBD oils are so expensive. I vape and ordered 3 bottles of CBD oils to vape. Cant wait to get them and I really hope they work. :/

  13. ill just stick to smokin a fatty

  14. I ordered the vap starter kit. I haven’t received anything letting me know if I’m getting it after I hit submit it went blank

  15. How long can does the paste last in terms of usage? Like will it last me a month or two? Or does it get used up fairly quickly?

  16. sorry, me again……………I found it!!

  17. which one is the Gold label? I went to the link below and did not see one with that name

  18. My anxiety is very severe how much is the oil you recommend

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