The Benefits of CBD Oil – Hemp vs. Marijuana

In this video, we share the differences between marijuana and hemp plants. Plus the uses of CBD oil and how it can help heal some of the biggest complaints …


  1. its hard to get through these when the information seems to be coming some 2nd hand research – I prefer personal experiences – I skipped around through this video – but does he ever give his own personal experiences?

  2. Hemp oil contains low levels of CBD – typically less than 25 parts per million – while CBD oil can be up to 15% CBD.

  3. CBD oil is the short form of the term cannabidiol oil. Cannabidiol is a natural component of industrial cannabis or hemp. CBD oil is cannabis oil that has a significant content of cannabidiol. It is made from the flowers, leaves and stalks of hemp and not from its seeds like hemp oil. CBD oil has become very popular in the medical marijuana industry, because it can be helpful in the treatment of various conditions without the typical intoxicating effects of marijuana use

  4. I'm buying my first bottle of Hemp Oil today and I'm excited.

  5. I find it amazing how so many people know about cannabis and talk about cannabis like it’s god. I’m referring to the comment section.

    They are gratifying it because if the high, not because they give a damn about a cure

  6. I hope comments are still being answered? The Elixinol……can I order it? Can it be sent in from US from Europe. Second, Which CBD is for sleep? the one I use as a vape is keeping me up and energized. I need the strain that helps me sleep. I've had insomnia for over40 years. I've been told strong CBD with a little THC. Anyone? Really need assistance. I am cleared for low THC.

  7. I hope that President trump legalize marijuana around the nation 😘

  8. Thank you very much for your. Educational video ,it’s gone quite a long way to help me understand the difference between Cannabis and Hemp ..

  9. Is this recommended by Benny Hinn?

  10. I have suffered from depression, anxiety, digestion problems, lack of sleep at night, back pain, inflammation. After taking CBD oil I can sure for say all my problems have disappeared and I THANK GOD!!! I hate the bloody government end off!!

  11. Yep, the VA said that the cancer cells "looked weird." It was five weeks from the beginning of CBD oil (Missouri) on Dec. 29, 2017 to the first biopsy in 2018. The second biopsy again showed precancer that looked "weird." No more painful prostate biopsies. I told the VA doctors that I was going to use CBD and marijuana. The VA says that Cannabis will make you sick and vomit. They shouldn't tick off veterans turned journalists like this old bird.

  12. Just FYI, I'm a writer and amateur filmmaker. At the moment, I am sharing videos of CBD success for cancer killing and many other health uses. My favorite person to bug is the director of the FDA on Twitter. This is about the fifth video that I've pestered him with. I'm a military veteran and currently treating my prostate cancer in the Missouri Ozarks with CBD oil and someone gave me homemade CBD that seems to be working better. The VA isn't doing any more biopsies, but will just be testing PSA in blood tests. Yes, CBD and THC are cancer killers.

  13. I heard that this will help my mom who has seizures.

  14. Appreciate your information on the difference between marijuana and hemp, the thc and cbd factors. Ty ☺

  15. What dosage would an adult woman with seizures need to take?

  16. Can I use cbd oil with antidepressants?

  17. Does anybody know if CBD oil can help with tinnitus?

  18. Best video Forget the rest myself

  19. Great informative video-on target, focused, useable info.

  20. true to to the core except god is Mother nature & Father time .

  21. THC=For the Mind / CBD=For the Body – it’s two sides of one plant.

  22. Can someone PLZ explain where can I buy CBD online?

  23. "Marijuana is certainly a problem because it causes people to get high, and anything that alters the mind clearly is not good for us." — Funniest thing I've ever read.

  24. does it show up in employment drug tests ?

  25. Lots of good info on Hemp oil here, thanks!

  26. Hemp, marihuana (“medical”) ruderalis, industrial hemp, male ,female, everything is cannabis but the different types of strains and different amount of cbd and especially THC in some varieties is made by human for fun and profit because the antique true old cannabis, had perfect balance for perfect physical and mental health. That is my opinion .🤗love you all

  27. Ananda makes my life worth living. It is by far the best brand that I have gotten to try. I have a fatal non curable brain disease called spinocelabeller ataxia. I've also had eight back surgeries and have chronic nerv pain. I also have diverticulitis and arthritis and several tumors. I got to try Ananda and wishing a few minuets I almost completely stopped shaking and bobbing around. I could get out of my wheelchair and walk almost normal. I actually sleep all night. If I could take it everyday I would be able to stop taking OxyContin and daladid. I know that it won't cure me but it truly does make my life worth living.
    I have been writing letters to congress and president Trump to ask them to help make insurance companies help pay for it. It's way better for me it's way cheaper for them and then maybe I could stop taking all of these hard drugs. Ananda thank you for being there.


  29. What is the cost of the capsules ? Where can I get them ??? evan

  30. I've already lost all my teeth but I've been taking 60mg time release three to four times a day.. I stay awake all night 3 nights a week so I get kind of tired after a few loss of sleep…. I m able to take pills / capsules easly but I don't do well with LIQUIDS I need to know what's going to be the best for me ??? evan

  31. I used leaf oil to get off pharmaceuticals. I slept basically 3-4 days straight, with regular dosing. Awesome stuff

  32. Nice review if cbd oil, who should I buy from, I need pure, no thc, reasonable price is important?😁 I already told someone about ur video to watch, cancer survivor, I have rheumatoid arthritis

  33. why cant you checkmate a christian? because theyre all pawns and their king doesnt exist.

  34. ugh you had to bring god into this

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