The BENEFITS of CBD OIL – Easily laid out

CBD MEDS is a Section 215 compliant collective located in Southern California. The statements in this video have not been evaluated by the United States Food …


  1. Hands down the best video explaining about CBD Oil…Keep up the great work! I really appreciate people like you, Thank you!

  2. Music is to loud. Seems to be informative

  3. Hi I got problems with my left shoulder movement as well my left leg movement problems.everyone telling me I got problems with slow blood flow might be nerves damaged.
    Any suggestions what's best cbd oil for me and where I can buy.I lived in Brampton ont

  4. Why does it say it reduces function of the Immune system?

  5. Can someone PLZ explain where can I buy CBD online?

  6. I'm sick of this gross weed in dispensaries but I need something for my ailments.

  7. Please if anyone has done any research or knows anything about CBD use for meningitis valley fever ???????

  8. How does cbd oil counteract with taking oxy cottin and norco medication on a daily basis…

  9. CBD is good randyl but it's not good for back pain in my opinion for everyone I need the HTC for the back pain

  10. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  11. I am diagnosed with psychosis although it’s not really bad it could lead to schizophrenia in the future do u think that CBD oil will help in any ways

  12. Hands down the best video explaining about CBD Oil…Keep up the great work! I really appreciate people like you, Thank you!

  13. This guy feeling so good he is floating

  14. about 2;48 – what is a "wrong reason" and who defines that ?

  15. I have a genetic condition called NF1 that causes tumors to grow all over my body and I have one between my vertebrae and wrapped around my spinal cord causing me pain all over all the time. The speacalist that my doctor sent me to said that there was nothing that they can do for me and the tumors will continue to grow and multiply. This condition will only get worse. I wonder if something like this would help me with my neuorfibmotosis pain?

  16. Thank you Lawrence… great video. Id love to chat in person. Whats the best way to connect? I'm based in London x

  17. So wonderful to see people helping people. Keep up the good work and education on this plant, the world needs it!!
    My channel is focused on educating people on this plant and how it interacts with our body. I'd love for anyone looking for more cannabis info to check it out and subscribe if they like it!

  18. great video..would love to review it on youtube,,,,[email protected] let me know

  19. Great video! I’m going to look into buying.

  20. I like the tetro hydro caninabal.

  21. This is how the world should really work, its a wonder you guys don't get hassled but keep on keepin on! Very best to you.

  22. Your website doesn't load. Have you closed up shop?

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