Summer Update NP Thyroid Medication, CBD Oil & LDN

Talking about switching from generic NP to actual brand and how I’m doing on that. Also discussing CBD oil and LDN. Anyone interested in the brand of CBD oil …


  1. when is your next labs? still on that NP? im curious to see your labs again. did you experience any hair thinning/loss lack of hair growth after thyroid removal at first?

  2. I really need some help! Please please please help me. I have a video up of me having a thyroidectomy last year and I am slowly getting worse and worse since. If there is a way to speak to you dm I would appreciate it.

  3. hey how much is your monthly thyroid medication?? do you know the prices of nature throid? i got an offer of $35 a month, is that information accuration?

  4. That's not true. Many medical dispensaries in Canada say that it is grown in Canadian farms.

  5. did you children inherit any of your thyroid mess? i was thinkin about kids down the line.

  6. how much sleep you avr. per night. i dont feel like i get even 15 minutes..

  7. how you get goodrx? that sounds like god send! i know i be taking a lot due to im big person

  8. tf, my doctor in cali has nature throid stocked. but if WP somehow magically shows up im definitely switching over, how about you?

  9. Collagen peptides are the same as collagen?

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