State agency to decide on legality of CBD oil in Texas

Sellers and customers of the product known as CBD oil are worried the state of Texas could soon seize the product from store shelves. Many use the oil for …


  1. I entered a smoke shop and I asked if they sell cbd to only people who have medical issues and they said no they sell it to anyone because its just CBD, I've also seen CBD cookies in Walmarts.

  2. They patented it. And they also have an approved drug Epidiolex, GW Pharmas own cbd. The ONLY reason they are doing this is to make ALL the money. Not let the american business owners profit. Its is LITERALLY CONTRADICTIVE corruption. Sched 1 means not for medical use!!!! And hemp derived cbd is WAAAAY diff. But they dont know that.

  3. Its bad enough that weed is illegal in Texas, now this??

  4. Sorry but no one gonna stop using it. They will just get it online. You can’t stop us

  5. CBD oil is exploding with new products every week. Who should I trust and what should you buy?

  6. Very intersting video about oil in texas

  7. Let's see what this farm bill does on take hemp off the Controlled Substances ..list.Should be just fine.Thats probably why they haven't pushed the issue..

  8. Very intersting video about oil in texas

  9. Great video..i like it a lot..verry interesting and verry useful

  10. Booooooooo! CBD is not a drug. THC is safer than alcohol tylenol opioids etc.

  11. Wow Texas politicians aren't to bright

  12. Should be noted that any CBD you buy in Texas does NOT come from Cannabis but rather it is derived from HEMP. That's why its legal, it's a HEMP product.

  13. People have been smoking and injesting cannabis since the dawn of time, laws cant stop it. Prohibition didn't work with deadly alcohol, its not going to work for harmless cannabis. So many people smoke marijuana in Texas it's only a matter of time before we vote out the crooked politicians getting kick backs from big pharma, booze and tobacco companies to keep it illegal.

  14. This is something that could make people move away from Texas.

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