Smoking PURE CBD!!! (1000mg) – Crutch

NEW COOPER SONG!!! – WHAT IS UP WORLD?! Join me today on CRUTCH as I get high and review my …


  1. So great to see big bloggers starting to talk about all the benefits of CBD. Subscribed!

  2. Bro i get a killer body high from cbd and a blast of energy as well as a super happy feeling

  3. I recently bought “innovative cbd” 40mg vape, and that shit gets me high no doubt. It’s weird.

  4. What pen do you use bro. Or any recommendations

  5. Order organic skin care/beauty products, topical pain cream and full spectrum and isolate herbal drops at

  6. Well from 2018 happy to say o live in louisiana and can buy cbd from most local smoke shops. The times they are a changing

  7. Guys where can I buy CBD legally in US? Please upvote that someone could see my message and reply

  8. I've just ordered 2000mg vape juice to aid recovery in BJJ. I've never tried it before…have I gone too strong??

  9. You know I have really doing CBD much I can agree that way the brain feel more calm

  10. So I’m confused can you smoke the e liquid or tinture like a dab? Does anyone know forsure? I’ve tried looking it up with no real answer but it looks like he has a e liquid from looking around the product site.

  11. Music is way too loud bro… do something about that, you're killing my buzz.

  12. Can anyone recommend a good vape pen for CBD?

  13. You should do one week on Verified CBD while on your menstrual cycle week🙂 it helps me SO MUCH!

  14. Where can i get alot of Golden cbd vape juice????

  15. yooo 420,000 views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  17. LMAO 2:08 Seizure-free beard for the win! hahaaaa

  18. Thank you SO much for this video. I just purchased a bottle of 1000mg CBD. I was wondering if I could take it orally for a quick calm. Glad I watched this!

  19. Just got my first CBD vape today with full spectrum CBD juice 300mg for anxiety and since i had to quit weed for probation and it's already so amazing i cant wait to go bigger and better it looks like youre in a place of pure cannibidiol peace with those dab hits, peace y'all gotta love CBD

  20. I found 2x 1ml Prefilled tanks 1000mg CBD for 20 bucks. Is this a good deal?

  21. Will cbd be showing up in a probation drug test ? Im on probation for 3 more years. Ffs.

  22. You claim that was CBD oil… where is the purity test?

  23. Can these scientist's boil an egg?

  24. If he was a black man he'd be getting complimented on his beard. People are fucking retarded I tell you.

  25. I'd like to try a high dose of CBD. So far I've taken 12 mgs sublingual for ten days and 30 mgs sublingual for another ten. Felt more mellow than usual usual during the day but sometimes tired at night.

  26. Don’t care for the THC, but CBD has been a godsend! I have Multiple Sclerosis and I’ve been able to get off of 4 of my oral meds. From 12 to 8. No more pain meds or muscle relaxers. Still scared to get off of my seizure meds. Anyone else had success getting off of their seizure meds and JUST using CBD?

  27. Thank you SOOO MUCH! New Subscriber 4LyF! Liked, subscribed, belled, shared, commented, haha. You're awesome. GREAT VIDEO, DUDE!

    #felyne1987 #LaDyGoDiVa87 #FELYNE1987

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