Sickle Cell Vlog: Hemp (CBD) Products

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  1. Hello I have SC sickle cell as well and for the past year I have been in the hospital every other month. Where did you order your CBD oil from because I have been searching for them but it's different companies and I don't know which brand to get?

  2. Hey Take a look at this. There is a way to create profits around CBD oil

  3. Please also follow me back, so my new Sickel Cell channel can get some momentum. 😘❤️

  4. I'm going to try the drops. I've tried CBD before. I use regularly HEMP lotion I love it I'm so ashy and it works so well for me lol and it smells so good I get the pomegranate and I use the Lip blame it's all I use not I'm hooked lol

  5. I love you we must stay sickle strong I'm deff going try those products .. that's how I am i gotta make moreeee videos lol

  6. Hey girl it's carmelita I remember u telling me about that

  7. Hey Nesha glad your doing well. Did you get the hemp oil online?

  8. I may have to check hemp products out, but I can't do the stuff with peppermint because that's an instant crisis.

  9. Very helpful. Thanks for sharing sis💕 Im gonna look into this.

  10. Hi Nesha, glad to hear you are doing well. Last week my hematologist told me that he think I would be a great candidate for the bone marrow transplant to cure sickle cell. Have your doctor ever mention the transplant to you?

  11. Hey Nesha I miss you Nomie!!! I was like where my girl been at she's missing in action but glad to see you back!! I never heard of these products so thanks I'm going to look into the products more to see if it's something that I would like to use.. what do you recommend I take for more energy??

  12. hey sis thx for breaking that down for me. where did you get the oil form?

  13. Hey Nesha the products that your showing do you know if it works for rhuematoid and sickle cell?

  14. Heyyyy sis!!!🤗🤗🤗💕💕💕💕

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