Seattle Cafe Serving Cannabis Coffee! Coffee Infused With CBD Oil

February 18, 2018 Seattle Local News PLEASE DONATE TO MOX NEWS! For Paypal Tips Click Here!


  1. Nice video! 🌿CBD Hemp Oil Products🛍 🆕100% U.S. Grown & Processed Hemp Products 🤒- Health 👩- Anti-Aging 🍎- Nutrition 🐕- Pets & more!

  2. Add THC and send me the address.

  3. nobody gives a shit. cannabis cannabis cannabis. yeah, I think it should be legal for adults 21+ while actively discouraging youth to blow out their brains with it. anything that makes you addict is bad, and dont tell me you're not addicted to this stuff because you clearly are.

  4. This isn't news there is a brewery called Dad and dudes in Parker Colorado that has been putting CBD oil in their IPA for over a year

  5. Oh, my! We must put a stop to this at once before the reefer madness gets some poor girl murdered!

  6. Call when they infuse the Buzz On in it!!

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