RoHs iMini – CBD Oil Slim Cartridge Mod Battery

RoHs iMini – CBD Oil Slim Cartridge Mod Battery This video review shows the iMini by RoHs features and the functionality with the CBD Slim oil tanks and …


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  1. I picked one up yesterday when I realized my new cart wouldn’t fit in my hive (btw, love my hive). This new one is awesome. Love the size, love the “skeleton” look of it; and although mine looks identical to yours, I have found mine to be adjustable.
    Anyway, great vid. Subscribed.

  2. I been rocking with the Yocan Hive 2.0 and the Ooze Duplex for cartridges. Variable voltage is the way to go for these mods. The Ooze Duplex is the iPhone of these mini mods.

  3. RoHs stands for "Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive" it's just a U.S. certification for electronics. Unless their name is a play on that.

  4. Please, if someone tell me if the mouth peice that comes on the PV Platinum Hybrid be changed to a style mouth peice? I don't want to go back to the "Store" and ask. I would feel embarrassed…

  5. This was my very first pen.
    I bought this from a local smoke shop to use with concentrate, and I’ve only had it for around two months. It fits almost any cartridge, .5g or a full gram. I love that it’s so small, easy to hide, but also easy to lose if you’re the type.
    I really like it however after screwing in and screwing out so many times (because I interchange quiet often) it began to crack. Right at the bottom where I guess there is a lot of stress, because the cartridge itself is only really screwed in and secured at the very bottom, hence a lot of stress on the plastic at the bottom if you are interchanging like mine (plus I also ran into some leakage which made it more difficult to unscrew sometimes, I’d have to warm it up with my breath to unscrew, sometimes it was nearly impossible. And this is probably why mine cracked and eventually the metal at the bottom came off. Now it doesn’t work and I’ll have to try something new.
    I guess you get what you pay for, $25.
    It’s cheaply made but it’s a great concept.
    Maybe if they cared more about the longevity of their pieces, I would pay legit $40 for one that lasted me longer:/
    Shame shame, loved my iMini…

  6. Just got mine today,it's a V2. doesn't say version 2 anywhere. three temperature settings. there is the preheat mode. and it works really good. Don't over tighten your cartridge it restricts airflow

  7. If you press the button 2 times it will start blinking and it will start heating by its self and when it starts hit it

  8. Does a brass knuckle cart fit these imini batteries? Lemme know!

  9. Well got mine today so 5 clicks to turn on 5 clicks to turn off works perfect, also the click 2 times and preheat turns on works perfect, 3 clicks for this “temp control” setting I read in comments doesn’t work no matter how many attempts I try with 3 clicks I’m talking I’ve tried every combo of 3 clicks lol, only have a blue light..what’s the reason ? Haven’t had to charge it yet being that it’s new let’s see how that goes.

  10. You should have showed how to load it

  11. This was a pretty good video! Thanks for making it

  12. This shit is trash won't turn on

  13. It is variable voltage like the edab fantom it's 15W, 3.7-4.1V automatically

  14. I love these things!!! Thanks for the video✌ I was having a issue getting my new one to cut on but I was tapping it 5 times slow.

  15. I want to put a weed cartridge on a box mod but I dont know how much wattage to smoke it at. Whats the safest wattage to smoke a weed cartridge?

  16. Need help, battery has charge but doesn’t give me a hit, what do I do ??

  17. So you didnt try it? you dont want us to see how poor the vape is or what? Great vid but you try your gear once you installed it

  18. I love coming into work at my shop after my days off to new things – this was a new thing

  19. So I just went and bought myself a "imin ll" by RoHS, from a headshop,
    The thing comes with no manual, or instructions.
    It seems to use the standard 5-clicks on/off. 3-clicks to change temperature settings, and 2-clicks to "preheat".
    Now, I've tried every temperature (green – low. blue – med. red – high).
    When I 2-click it, the little LED light doesn't turn on even when I press the button, but after a few seconds it blinks white a few times. And after that when I go to try and take a pull; assuming you have to hold down the button, it just blinks 3 times with a spectrum of all the LED lights (red, white, blue, green).
    Am I doing something wrong? Or is it just a faulty battery? I did let it charge for a good 20 or so minutes before-hand.

  20. Once on, if you press the fire button, 3 times, you can switch the voltage. Green (low), blue (medium), red (high).

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