Reviewing Bluebird Botanicals Cannabidiol Oil (CBD)

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  1. Bluebird is a good product, good ethics. I give a couple drops a day to our dog and it immediately stopped her seizures. i use if for relaxing.

  2. I know there are other videos out there, but this sounds like a baseless commercial for the company. I'm definitely actively researching this product, but for you personally, maybe put a little more effort into your content.

  3. No offense to you, but I feel like this whole CBD oil thing is one big scam. I spent so much money on different oils, even the most potent one sold by BBB; I didn't feel a thing. Followed all instructions I found anywhere, drank tons of this stuff, and…nothing.
    Interested to see how long this comment stays up.

  4. Thanks for the vid. The audio is horrendous though. Pls no more music

  5. Awesome. Thank you for taking the time to do this review!

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