Refined Hemp CO2 – Golden Heart CBD Oil

At Alchemy Extracts international in Louisville, KY ( ) during the distillation of the crude hemp CO2 extract or “mud” to …


  1. Hello,can you please add some comments about temperature and pressure in which we can separate CBD, THC and therapins?

  2. We have the best oil, that is compliant, 100% clean pure oil, you only need one drop and you will know the difference.
    Nora Lynn Keeton on FB

  3. Great video!! Where can I buy a still like this?

  4. Hello ….
    I'll find your friend I'm interested for the hemp oil distilling machine thanks

  5. 5kilo an hour? i just need 1 kilo thank you

  6. what type of cbd do you need to add in order to get the Clear cbd out? thank you for your time!

  7. can u rerun hearts for a cleaner distill it. or will you lose too much in the process

  8. I would be very interested in helping to test the essential oils products!!

  9. What is the 1 in 3 out flask called

  10. so you swap each dragon ball as it gets filled? or they collect oil just like that oil rises to each separate one?

  11. You just need better tree to process

  12. what psi does ur co2 extraction process use to make that "mud"

  13. what are the 3 diff balls? they all have the same cbd just more balls to fill up? how does the thc and cbd separate ?

  14. How much plant material does it take to make the jar of the mud? and final beaker of "Honey" CBD?

  15. So have they removed the terpenes from the CBD oil? I thought the terpenes need to be also in the oil for the full entourage effect.

  16. Thanks found the link and the site. Are all the products made from this Golden Heart? I did not find a product called Golden Heart.

  17. I'm excited about this product too. Will it be available for purchase to residents of WA state?

  18. For people who work at national labs that have random drug testing, I've heard that they will test positive for drugs using CBD oil and could lose their jobs on the spot. Can you address this issue ?

  19. Will you be letting us know when and where we can purchase?

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